Adria plans "new products" in 2017


The CEO of Adria Airways, Arno Shuster, has said the Slovenian carrier will roll out new products during 2017, without providing further detail. Speaking to the "Kongres" Magazine, Mr Shuster said, "Adria is currently going through a very exciting chapter in its history. In 2017, we will continue to improve customer experience with the aim of gaining and retaining customer loyalty. This does not only include shorter connection times and a great network overall, but our efforts will be aimed at fulfilling the high expectations of each of our customer. We recognise that a journey does not start at the airport, but rather when a person starts planning their trip. Furthermore, it does not end after landing but long after the desired destination has been reached". He added, "In 2017, we will continue to launch new products catering to various types of customers and, of course, we will maintain a very high level of reliability".  Adria is in talks with Vilnius Airport in Lithuania over potential flights. The airport is willing to allocate a financial incentive from its Route Development Fund to the airline. Last year, the Slovenian carrier said it was also considering introducing services to Ukraine in 2017.

During 2016, Adria Airways rolled out a new fare structure, allowing passengers travelling with hand luggage only to book fares at a discounted rate. In addition, it reduced the minimum connection time at Ljubljana Airport, concluded a codeshare agreement with Singapore Airlines and added three aircraft to its fleet (one Bombardier CRJ900 and two CRJ700s). However, it also suspended a number of routes.


  1. Anonymous21:56

    Give me a break. Customers don't care if they drink water from a plastic cup or a glass. They do, however, care about the fare price. It's not looking too good for Adria, if they still don't know where they'll fly during the summer.

  2. Anonymous07:57

    I think people less and less care just for the lowest possible fares, but are again starting to look for better passenger experience. Don't know for you guys, but I prefer being treated like a person on board an aircraft, rather then just a "40€ income to the airline". The ones seeking lowest possible fares have LCC.


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