Zagreb Airport terminal opened


Zagreb Airport has officially opened its new passenger terminal at a ceremony this evening. It comes a week before the facility is put into commercial use. Passengers flying on Croatia Airlines' early morning flight between Zagreb and Dubrovnik on Match 28 will be the first to use the terminal building. More on the terminal's facilities and services can be found here.

The Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, noted at the opening, "These are the new gates to Croatia. I am certain the new airport will add to the country's image. This terminal feels like 21st century Europe. I would like to thank the architects who created this impressive structure, which will serve as the doors to a modern Croatia".

Zagreb Airport's General Manager, Jacques Feron, said, "We believe that the opening of the new terminal will broaden our goals. We aim to handle more passengers in the coming period, up to five million and then up to eight million in our next development phase". He added, "In order to achieve this, we have to attract new carriers, open new routes and destinations, and make our airport even more competitive".  Zagreb anticipates handling five million passengers within the first nine years of the concession (2022), after which the western pier will be extended and new gates added. Subsequent expansion will depend on future passenger growth. The eastern pier will be extended with three new gates once the airport reaches 6.1 million travellers (expected in 2027), while further expansion will involve the extension of the eastern pier with another two gates and the possible extension of the apron once 7.3 million passengers are welcomed. Meanwhile, local authorities plan to extend the city's tram network to the airport.


  1. Anonymous16:19

    Congratulations on the successful completion of a stat-of-the-art terminal building with an exceptional architecture. Great to see!

  2. Anonymous16:20

    Congrats to Croatia friends from Skopje !

  3. JU520 BEGLAX16:46

    Cool. Thks for the coverage admin

  4. Anonymous17:42

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous19:34

    N1 is broadcasting the opening live

  6. Anonymous00:40

    Too bad it has such an offending name. Fail.

  7. You are offending for saying this. Keep quiet. No need to mention this if you don't agree. I nor many people care whether you approve, like nor have certain feelings about it.

  8. Anonymous01:57

    Incredible that more than a year after the decision, and now when the terminal is built and open, with real issues, good or bad, people still make the name the biggest issue of all. How shallow we are!

  9. Anonymous07:52

    Congrats ZAG, awesome new beginnings. Can't wait to see how ZAG transforms into the gateway for all of the Balkans. Looks amazing and yes to celebrate I'm arriving on EKs first flight. See you on the 01 Jun.
    The sales teams from both EK and QF in Australia are doing a commendable job promoting the new route to ZAG

    1. Anonymous16:21


    2. Anonymous05:28

      Emirates is sending A380 for their first flight to Zagreb on June 1st.

  10. Cannot wait for the summer vacay!!

  11. Anonymous13:13

    yeah,croatia is coming!

  12. Anonymous05:36

    Zagreb Airport expansion - hints of what it'll look like after Phases 2a, 2b, 2c and 2d. 2e and 2f will see additional extension to 2d and expansion of terminal to accommodate greater volume of passengers.

    2a and 2b - once airport reaches 5.0 million pax
    2c and 2d - once terminal reaches 8.0 million pax
    2e and 2f - once terminal reaches 10.0 million pax. (not shown)

    1. Anonymous05:38

      One stages 2a, b, c, d are completed Terminal will be able to cater for 12 medium and 3 wide-body aircraft or 18 medium body aircraft.


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