Summer 2017 - Air Serbia

The 2017 summer season begins on Sunday March 26, with Air Serbia set to make cuts to its network. The Serbian carrier will reverse a number of frequency upgrades made last summer season. The move will coincide with a change in the airline's business strategy later this year, more on which you will be able to read in the weeks to come. This summer, the carrier will discontinue its seasonal flights to Varna and Kiev, while operations to Istanbul were terminated on March 14 and have since been replaced by AtlasGlobal, with which Air Serbia has concluded a codeshare agreement. Furthermore, flights to Warsaw will not resume following their suspension at the start of the 2016/17 winter season last October. Tivat will sustain the biggest reduction in frequencies, with the Serbian airline to slash nine of its flights on the route during most of the summer season - from thirty to 21 weekly. It comes as a result of a new codeshare agreement between Air Serbia and Montenegro Airlines, with the latter also to maintain three daily flights between the two cities.

Moscow and Zagreb will see a four weekly reduction in flights, while two return services will be cut to Ljubljana. Sofia will be maintained once per day, as was the case during the 2015 summer season, while Amsterdam, Brussels, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Dusseldorf, Paris, Pula and Stockholm will sustain a reduction of one weekly flight. On the other hand, services to Ohrid will see an additional weekly service, while the airline will launch a new four weekly route to Venice from June 1. Seasonal flights to Malta, which usually commenced in June, will now resume from the start of the summer season, ahead of Wizz Air's planned launch of the same route.

Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the GDS (Global Distribution System). Air Serbia is prone to making additional changes mid-way through the season. The airline has expressed interest in introducing services to Tehran, Krasnodar and Pristina. Furthermore, the table below displays the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies to a number of destinations do not come into effect until mid-June. Seasonal flights to Split, Dubrovnik and Malta will run until the end of the summer season, while services to Pula and Ohrid will operate until mid-September. EX-YU Aviation News will also bring you summer season changes for Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines during the course of the week. Meanwhile, you can review modifications Adria Airways will be making to its network this summer here.

DestinationFrequency S2016Frequency S2017Change  Notes
Abu Dhabi77--
Amsterdam1110▼ 1-
Banja Luka55--
Brussels54▼ 1-
Bucharest98▼ 1-
Copenhagen76▼ 1-
Dubrovnik76▼ 1resumes MAY15
Dusseldorf87▼ 1-
Istanbul70▼ 7-
Kiev60▼ 6-
Ljubljana1412▼ 2-
London Heathrow99--
Moscow1410▼ 4-
New York55--
Ohrid34 1resumes JUN16
Paris1413▼ 1-
Pula54 ▼ 1resumes JUN12
Sofia97▼ 2-
Split66-resumes MAY12
Stockholm76▼ 1-
St. Petersburg33-resumes APR04
Tel Aviv55--
Tivat3021▼ 9-
Varna40▼ 4-
Venice04 4starts JUN01
Warsaw40▼ 4-
Zagreb1410▼ 4-


  1. Anonymous09:03

    It looks as if they will have a plane or two less than last year.

    1. Anonymous09:33

      this is the big question (or we are in for some good news)

    2. Anonymous13:23

      There is talk in aviation circles about the two A320s being returned to lessors.

    3. Anonymous13:29

      Not sure about that, but it would be good if they could swap some a319s for RJs

    4. Anonymous15:18

      Instead of returning A320s to lessors maybe they should be leasing more of them to finally retire the 737s.

    5. Anonymous16:19

      And the money for leasing more A320s would come from where exactly? They seem not to be able to afford the current A320s

    6. Anonymous16:34

      They would come from savings of having dedicated 737 flight crews and from the excessive and expensive maintenance that 30 year old airplanes require.
      Also from flying more fuel efficient aircraft and standardizing the flying experience for its customers.

    7. Anonymous19:37

      That is precisely how "little Perica" this the airline business work. If only you could get the newest airplanes and call it a day, money would fall from the sky all by itself, you wouldn't have to do much else at all.

    8. Anonymous19:39

      That is precisely how "little Perica" this the airline business work. If only you could get the cheapest/oldest airplanes and call it a day, money would fall from the sky all by itself, you wouldn't have to do much else at all.

      Fixed that for you!

    9. Anonymous21:28

      And this is exactly why low cost carriers operate 30 y.o. planes...

  2. Insider09:04

    So, when I said there would be huge cuts in summer time-table you said it is nonsense. So, 46 flights less!!!!!

    And that is just a begging. Just wait for some other bad news I wrote.

    Air Serbia -46 flights
    Croatia + 21 flights

    Not good, not good at all

    1. Anonymous09:07

      Not everyone in this world feeds his/her soul with bad news and is craving for more of these. That's why normal people generally don't feel like joining you in excited counting of each and every second until the arrival of bad news.

    2. Anonymous09:08

      What other bad news did you write?

    3. Anonymous09:09

      Yeah and most of OU's new flights are seasonal.

    4. Anonymous09:10

      What else can we expect Insider?

      It doesn't look optimistic must say.

    5. Anonymous09:17

      46 flights out of 397 last year.

      That is -11,6%. Huge decrease!

    6. Insider09:20

      - business class if history. It will be same as Lufthansa

      - there would be delay in A320neo delivery

      - cuts everywhere

      - savings will be top priority!

      - even more cuts in winter season

    7. Anonymous09:24

      They need to get rid of the biggest drain of them all - the A330 and long haul ops. Let's face it, these cuts will not help their JFK cause a single bit.

    8. Anonymous09:33

      @Insider why the business class you think will go in history? I booked business class ticket to LHR from SKG in April, don't disappoint me with these news :D

    9. Insider09:39

      It will be business class, but not any more Etihad level. It will be same as Lufthansa, Austrian and Croatia.

      I don't think, I know it will be announced in few days.

    10. Anonymous09:45

      So the 2x2 seat configuration will be removed?

    11. Anonymous10:57

      @Anonymous March 20, 2017 at 9:24 AM,
      Yes, they need to get rid of the A330. Even BH Air have dropped their plans for NY service and returned their A330 to the lessor. I think that only only ATH beside IST can sustain year-round services to the US in the region.

    12. Anonymous11:01

      Don't say that, ZAG might get offended

    13. Anonymous11:24

      It is the way it is. We're poor region and we can't afford to have year-round service even to a global center as NY, because there aren't enough people who can travel.

    14. Anonymous11:56

      Croatia + 21 flights

      Not good, not good at all

      Why is this bad news?

    15. Anonymous13:26

      @ Insider,
      are you sure about all you said? Is that bad the situation? Why they will be delay with the NEO's? What will happen to JFK service? Will it survive or they will kill it?

    16. Insider14:03

      yes, there will be no more 2+2 configuration, and instead will be 3+3 with middle seat blocked for business class passengers.

      Yes, I am sure, as I was for those cuts.

      Situation is not good at all. There is shortage of money for long period now. But it is not catastrophic and with restructuring there is possible exit from bad situation.

      Delay for new NEO will be because of simple reason: Air Serbia can not afford expensive new plane leasing in this moment. penalties for delay are less damage than the huge financial expenses that company can not afford which would increase debt out of real proportion for restructuration.

      JFK is not possible to kill because of leasing contract and strong will of PM Vučić to have that money burning route.

    17. Anonymous14:09

      @ Insider,
      wasn't the NEO's deal going via Etihad? Isn't Etihad supposed to get those planes and lease them to Air Serbia? Why ASL needs to pay penalties to Etihad?
      Also, what is going on with AUH route? Will they drop in favor of Etihad?

    18. Anonymous14:29

      He is probably thing of Penalties to Airbus not Etihad. AUH is probably getting cut and EY may just send a bigger aircraft like 787 or 330 to Beg... Maybe Insider knows better?

    19. Insider14:34

      If you have leased contract (with Etihad or someone else) and can not take those planes you must pay penalties. Simple as that. With this Eihad can postpone delivery of A320 and pay penalties to Airbus, or can station new planes for "better days", or can use them elsewhere (what I don't think so as they have too many planes on order and can not afford that at this moment), or can lease those planes with huge discount to third party (can afford discount as Air Serbia will pay penalties).

      But for sure you can not just say "sorry Etihad, we change our mind, those A320 are your problem".

    20. Anonymous15:04

      All of what 'insider' has said is highly speculative and could be writen by someone without insider information. I have not heard any absolute facts, just 'you'll see' and probably this and that.

    21. Anonymous15:13

      While i support the cuts, getting rid of the business class is stupid. It is still 8 places vs. 12 that you can still sell as upgrade or overbook in economy. Air Serbia will take away one of the rare things that differentiate it from other airlines.

    22. Anonymous15:57

      They invested serious money to the business class experience, flashing them down the toilet would be insane!

      They positioned themselves as a quality airline that offers a level of service few others in Europe can match.

      Making a 180 degree turn on all that to completely different business model in my opinion is crazy. Not to mention very, very expensive.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    Luckily Dane's days are numbered, he will be out soon. That man singlehandedly chased away all the competent people from the airline. Last week six people quit. Luckily Hogan is out so there is no one to tolerate his incompetence.

  4. Anonymous09:10

    I thought CDG is one of their most profitable routes? Why the cuts then?

    1. Anonymous09:14

      It's one weekly flight...

    2. Anonymous09:32

      with their long haul ops they are endangering the whole airline. Now they try to cut short haul in the hope to minimize the huge losses JFK is producing. In the end it will just leave the airline without any substance.

  5. Anonymous09:19

    Starting to feel the RYAN/ WIZZ pain across the region ?

  6. Anonymous09:20

    But where is Krasnodar in this table? LOL

    1. Anonymous09:22

      Three years ago in the middle of the summer season they announced new routes to Tirana and Pula and increased frequencies to Dubrovnik and Split. So you never know :)

    2. Anonymous11:58

      Three years ago was a different time, so I think you know.

  7. Could this mean that Belgrade misses 5 million pax this year again. Will the additional Wizz Air flights be enough to get them over the mark?

    Looks like the situation at Etihad is definitely having an effect on all their interests including Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous11:05

      W6 will cover it. Don't worry BEG is going to pass the 5 mln. PAX
      Greetings from Sofia!

    2. Anonymous12:17

      Ok, if you say so, now I don't have to worry, thanks.

    3. Anonymous17:56

      BEG has the potential for at least 6-7 million pax if only they weren't hostile to LCCs.

  8. Anonymous09:31

    on a positive note: Im glad that OHD is increased.

  9. Nemjee09:32

    So they'll have less flights to SVO than Jat. Wonderful. I guess we'll be seeing SU's A321 more often.

    1. Anonymous13:28

      Many things are already less than JAT, not to mention that JAT at least kept their Adriatic Class, while AS will remove its Etihad-style business class and revert to the usual intra-European "empty middle seat" class.

  10. Alen Šćuric Purger09:32

    That is huge decrease.

    Concerning other measures they will forced I presume Air Serbia is changing business strategy.

    In one of my articles I said that they should tray and if they see it is not working they should adopt and change business model. So, we should wait and see what measures they will do in near future.

    1. Anonymous09:42

      Well it does say in the article

      "The move will coincide with a change in the airline's business strategy later this year, more on which you will be able to read in the weeks to come".

    2. Anonymous10:39

      "A change in the airline's business strategy".

      Also known as Jatovanje. :~(

    3. Anonymous21:36

      We will see the complete change in product which will shift towards, rather than change to hybrid low cost, with cost cutting mainly aimed at no freebies on board and booking model change. People within are hugely skeptical, frightened to speak up and worried. I think that with current model they would be sustainable only without long haul ops, but ceasing that is out of question politically. So we will shall see. As about Kondic, he is there to stay...

  11. Anonymous09:37

    Don't forget that out of peak season there will be less flights to New York and Athens, so cut is even bigger.

  12. Anonymous09:37

    So, this summer

    382 weekly flights Croatia Airlines
    351 weekly flights Air Serbia

    Who would say that can happen?

    1. Anonymous09:41

      Long haul ops will kill them in the end. They now try to save on the short haul ops to justify the long haul ops which is generating huge losses!

    2. Anonymous10:03

      Croatian tourism is on fire.
      OU is very lucky.

  13. Could this mean the 737's will be grounded soon??

    1. Anonymous09:43

      737s operate charters. I think this will be their last year.

    2. Anonymous09:49

      svi b737 odlaze ove godine, dok dva odlaze u junu ili julu

    3. Anonymous11:14

      Ima li zamene?

    4. Anonymous13:29

      Ima - Ryanair i Wizz :)

    5. Anonymous14:07

      Koji je ovo već put da odlaze?

    6. Anonymous14:19

      Pre ili posle mora da odu, pa ne mogu vecito

    7. Anonymous14:39

      Ma šta ti znaš koliko mogu

  14. Upitnik09:43

    "change in the airline's business strategy "

    what could that be?

    hybrid airline as Adria?
    are they giving up the hub strategy and focusing on O&D from Serbia?
    joining an Alliance?

  15. Anonymous09:48

    Potpuno ocekivano i racionalno. Imaju jedan avion manje koji je prosle godine letio za Sofiju i Kiev.
    Takodje imace malo obimniji carter saobracaj nego prosle godine, tako da nece moci da racunaju na b733, medju kojima ce dva da odu u istoriju na samom pocetku sezone.
    Prije dvije godine smo imali slicnu situaciju, kada su sjekli linije, s prosle pojacavali.
    Ne treba da cudi ni rezanje linije za TIV zbog sporazuma sa MA.
    Mislim da je flota najveci problem u ovoj godini. Budite strpljivi i ocekujte 2 nove linije od juna.

    1. Anonymous09:55

      but isnt now the time to announce routes that start in June ??

    2. Anonymous10:07


    3. Anonymous14:10

      46 flights pw is at least 2 planes not one. So, that means they will cut one more plane from fleet not just that Adria CRJ.

      There would be no less charters this year than last. Exempt if JU will be forced to do so because of shortage of fleet. But that means even more cuts than from this time-table, so 46 less flights on JU + cuts on AvioLet.

  16. Kada je popunjenost kabina negativan tokom cele godine, ispravan potez jeste smanjene broja letova. Ili ukidanje. Pravilan i jedino moguc potez menadzmenta. Prosla su vremena nosenja zastave na repu aviona, a gomilani gubitci, pa racun ispostavljan poreskim obaveznicima. Daj Boze da dolazi (a nisu dovoljno za sada) vreme cistog, otvorenog poslovanja i profita.
    Jos jedana podrska za Daneta Kondica i upravni tim.
    Siguran sam da ce se sruciti mnoge "kletve" na moj tekst. Zao mi je. Tuff luck.
    Rodney & Son
    Kraljevo + Sydney

    1. Anonymous12:09

      Šta znači: "Kada je popunjenost kabina negativan tokom cele godine"

    2. Anonymous14:12

      Od kud to?

      Pa navodno je popunjenost sve bolja, kompanija je profitabilna, znači da stvar pare, znači da je popunjenost dovoljno dobra.

      Što ovde ne valja. Ili je profitabilnost lažna, ili je LF netačan. Jer ako nije što režu 12 odsto? Netko ovde laže Radovane!

  17. JU520 BEGLAX10:00

    What a symphatic smile to begin the new week with

    Nice schedule, just missing Spain. But probl not enough eqpmt around or not real good slots avbl

  18. The Future Is Bright Red10:02

    Guys, I don't know what you are on about. That timetable looks very rosy (red) to me.

    After all, Dane predicted this last year when he told the world that long haul with help grow the short haul network. Credit goes to our genius PM for his vision. What a team!

  19. Guys...there are allways ups and downs.....if they had to make cuts.....they will be better ...i wish to all ex yu airlines all the best for benefit of us all !

  20. Anonymous10:03

    What went wrong with Kijev?

    1. Anonymous11:18

      I'm also wondering

  21. Anonymous10:04

    Red letenja Air Serbia za letnju sezonu ovako kako je prezentovan u današnjem članku daje pogrešnu celovitu sliku o redukovanju saobraćaja. Upravo, gornja tabela se odnosi na sam vrhunac sezone, na period od polovine juna do polovine septembra. Van tog perioda, odnosno pre i posle njega, redukovanje saobraćaja je daleko manjeg obima. Recimo, u aprilu i maju iznosi između 3 i 4 procenta.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      Nemoj da si partybreaker. Vidis kako se zabavljaju.

    2. Anonymous12:15

      Од оних који се хвале да остварују профит се очекује да шире мрежу, флоту, број летова, зар не ?

      Са друге стране резове па још у шпицу сезоне праве они који праве и губитке. Судећи по овим редукцијама биће да су губици већи него што се овде и помињу, али док је год тупавог народа да прогута политикантске приче биће овако

    3. Anonymous12:37

      Vidi AS ima manje letova od OU, a vise putnika. Pametnom dosta.

    4. Anonymous13:26

      A ima veću flotu
      +widebody koji van sezone leti 2 dana

    5. Anonymous14:19

      AS je imao više letova i više putnika. Sada nakon redukovanja pitanje je hoće li i dalje da ima više putnika.

      U isto vreme JU ima 9 aviona više od OU. Trebala bi da ima 40% više letova i duplov više putnika. Ako staviš da OU i JU ima isto turbopropa i A320. Onda ostaje 4 više A319, 4 više 737-300 i 1 više A330. Moralo bi da bude duplo više putnika. Što nije?

    6. Anonymous14:39

      I Croatia leti za TLV, i za St.Petersburg, i za Dansku, i za London (zimus 9 letova, a Air Serbia 7), i za Barselonu, i velik broj čartera na sam sever Norveške, Finske i Švedske, i Beirut čartere iz Mostara. Tu neke velike razlike ne postoji. Možda 20-tak letova (jedan avion + A330 koji bi trebao da donosi 1.000 putnika sedmično). A flota ima 9 aviona više, ne dva!

    7. Anonymous15:35

      Air Serbia has much longer average sector lenght.

    8. Anonymous23:01

      Much longer? Much? Congratulation.

  22. Anonymous11:17

    @ Ex-Yu Admin,
    the map of destinations is wrong. There is no more Istanbul.

  23. Anonymous11:28

    Making space in the fleet for Krasnodar

  24. it would be interesting to see capacity utilization of JU fleet and the effect on profit these changes have.
    a330 is already severely underutilized for known reasons of JFK route negative profitability.
    sure, there is a cut based on adria's crj, but as I see this will leave some atr's and a319 less utilized as well.
    if we don't see some new routes inked in the following weeks (krasnodar, finally zadar and something new) this will mean that they have for the time being ran out of ideas where to strike next and that they probably plateaud with the current approach. ok, they have big switch to sabre in the following couple of months, which is taking much of the company resources, but they need something new.
    if i was them, i would be looking for a way to profitability, and as it is they are tens of millions € far from it.
    after they switch to SABRE and live through this summer i expect to see some major changes in the business strategy.
    let's hope for that!

    biggest cuts are:
    Tivat - this will most likely the outcome of their CS agreement with MGX. i would love to see the RPK for summer 2017 vs summer 2016. my guess is that cash cow will just get fatter.

    Istanbul - ok, this codeshare with Turks could actually be a wise move

    Kiev - there is no more adrias crj

    zagreb cut is an interesting one. it would be interesting to see if they will give up on zagreb completly.

    Varna, Warszav - thanks god for that

    1. Anonymous12:13

      God? Really?

    2. Anonymous14:21

      Really you want to make 46 flights per week looking good?


    3. Anonymous17:06

      Come on! It's not that bad as it looks

  25. Anonymous12:30

    Sve sto se u Srbiji najavi tako pompezno i kao najbolje sto je svet ikada video vrlo brzo splasne i postane obican izduvani balon! Projekat air serbia pocinje da lici na to sto je i bilo za ocekivati.

    1. Anonymous13:54

      Ti izgleda zaboravljas prvo da smo do novembra 2009. imali vize i da nisi mogao da mrdnes iz zemlje. Flota je "zamenjena" unajmljenim avionima koji nisu tvoji, a jedini koji jesu su i dalje B737 i par ATR72 koji su AS i ostali od JAT-a. Interkonti linija za NYC je radila i pre 40 godina dok je bio JAT i nije nikakvo cudo, a nije ni bilo rezona da se otvara u medjuvremenu osim ako hoces da puknes pare i da ti wb avion leti dva dana nedeljno. Od 10 narucenih A320neo tek cemo da vidimo sta ce da bude.
      Pravicete vi svi JAT od blata.

    2. Anonymous14:25

      Kompletno zamenjna flota. Nije li obečanje bilo da će da se reše prastarih 737-300 i ATR 72-200. Pa još uvek lete sa tim letelicama. Samo što sad imaju preko 30 godina. Kako je onda to kompeletno zamenjena flota?

      A320 neće da stignu, a fijasko sa JFK bolje ne iznositi jer 3 leta sedmično sa tako skupiom avionom najbolje pokazuje kakva je glupost ova linija bila.

    3. Anonymous14:32

      330 moze DA poboljsa situaciju ako ga koriste ka drugim linijama. Ovako, imacemo problems....

    4. Anonymous14:41

      Zimi nema posla ni za A319, a kamoli za A330. Gde će oni njega da stave. Na chartere za Kubu, Madagaskar, Bahame? Za koga? Tko će da leti tamo?

    5. Anonymous15:44

      U Beogradu zivi oko 2000 dolarskih milionera. Oni vole da se svrckaju.
      Wizz neka vozi gastose.

    6. Anonymous17:32

      "U Beogradu zivi oko 2000 dolarskih milionera." LOL

    7. Anonymous17:56

      svrckaju i svercuju

    8. Anonymous18:32

      Zamislite nekoga u Americi da kaze "pravicete vi PanAm od blata"?! JAT ili Jat airways je deo nase vazduhoplovne istorije. On vise ne postoji. Sve u svoje vreme dragi moji. Danas imamo vise nego pristojnu avio kompaniju, kakvu smo do pre cetiri godine mogli samo da sanjamo. Da se nije desilo ulaganje Etihada, Srbija danas ne bi imala avio kompaniju.Dragi hejteri, opustite se, to je samo avio kompanija.

    9. Anonymous23:04

      Jest, 2.000 milionera će da napuni 30 letova na Kubu koji pune 5.000 mesta. I to će svi te godine da lete dva puta i ni sa kim drugim nego samo sa Er Srbijom.

  26. Anonymous13:17

    Steta evo prestase da lete za AUH. Hejteri mnogo se rano radujete, smanjenje frekfencija ne znaci gasenje kompanije. Ovo je vec vidjeno pre dve godine.

  27. Anonymous14:22

    Well, let's be honest with each other.

    Although it is only 10% or so reduction, which could end up being less with potential introduction of new routes in the summer, we can not ignore the fact that things are not progressing in the past 6months or more, but are in fact stagnating or dare I say - reversing.

    It's not all gloom and doom but how the airline end up here after only 3 years?

    Well it all comes down to people who are running the business. See, if an employee is responsible for his/her performance, why should some manager be exempt. Because he's backed up by political friends who also show no accountability for their actions? I don't think that is fair, do you agree?

    See, when you turn your back and close the doors to your main asset, employees, you are bound to make mistakes and achieve less then desirable results.

    Employees feel less appreciated, motivated and in some way cheated. But more importantly, when you disregard the numbers and continue to dig the hole, your only option in order to survive is to make cuts and reduce expenses. Which is probably a smart move at this moment.

    Then you overhire and you continue to mix business and politics. Party appointed employees or those paying to get a job are destructive for any business and airline is no different. This airline employs more pilots, flight attendants but even worse office staff than it needs for its size of 21 aircraft. You have front line flighdeck employees who have been completely ignored but are the main people who actually make the business "fly". You create an atmosphere where any office worker is more important than an pilot or a mechanic. You don't communicate, you ignore them and you punish and instill fear. That's not good for morale... Numbers don't lie, except accounting can do miracles when you need them. Other regional carriers are no different. When the government keeps pumping money in the budget you have a management who doesn't care or feel obligation to perform and offten times you have people who are not adequate for the job.

    Fast forward today and you have surplus of pilots who fly half the normal rosters (unless you are in "favorites" group), and you have routes that do not perform well because someone in the marketing or sales is not doing their job well. Or because a politicians decide where you fly...

    Expenses keep increasing, cost rise and revenues then must go down. Its very simple, and the cure to this is also very simple. But you have to face the truth and be honest and transparent with your self and more importantly with your employees.

    1. Anonymous16:11

      Great post!

    2. Anonymous16:29

      The worst is that all of this is actually happening at the moment when most of the airline industry is making a profit, or is at least able to break-even and invest in further development. Instead of continuing to grow Air Serbia is shrinking.

    3. What went wrong? Etihad and their entire business model went wrong and this has also effected Air Serbia. I guessing Etihad has told Air Airserbia that they can not rely on any more funding from the Etihad group (for the time being at least) and that they have to become self sufficient.
      This really sucks for Air Serbia because their business model probably aloud them to some financial support from the group. Now that this is gone or limited, they are left in a pretty unpleasant position.

    4. Anonymous16:50

      yeah... it quite sucks to be self sufficient and to be exposed to market economy....

      I support the optimization of the routes, AS should find a way to be profitable without the backing of ethihad or the serbian government, yugo times are over. This is the moment of truth

  28. Anonymous15:12

    iznenadjeni ? sacekajte jos par nedelja pa ce sve biti jasno. ovo svakako nije kompletna vest.

    1. Anonymous15:39

      Užasno si dosadan.

    2. Anonymous16:46

      hahaha kakav kralj. Jel ti ruzno kad pogledas u ogledalo

  29. Anonymous15:13

    Neadekvatno ponašanje ASL osoblja:

    1. Anonymous15:31

      Zašto? Jedino što su možda trebali da urade je da im stave (plastične) lisice, ili eventualno da prinudno slete.

    2. Anonymous15:34

      Kako zašto?
      Sigurnost putnika na prvom mestu!
      Odmah vanredno sletanje a ne čekati 2 sata!

    3. Anonymous15:36

      A hoces ti to da platis?

    4. Anonymous15:42

      Šta je neadekvatno u ponašanju osoblja? Neverovatni ste više sa tom vašom mržnjom, da može da se prodaje na pijaci bili biste milijarderi.

    5. Anonymous15:47

      Krivci plaćaju, aviokompanije su osigurane!
      Radim za svetsku kompaniju, znam o čemu pričam.
      U pravu je anon. Trebali su da slete...

    6. Anonymous16:40

      Trebali su da slete, inače... šta? Četvoro mladih majmuna u kabini bi oborilo avion? Ugrozilo let? Nigde u tekstu se ne navodi da su pravili probleme sve do Londona - možda su se smirili čim je stjuardesa prvi put zapretila prinudnim sletanjem. Najbolje da ćemo da uzimamo neuke novinarske napise i na osnovu njih donosimo blanko zaključke.

    7. Anonymous16:45

      Svi vi majstori znate sta se desilo u avionu, a u stvari nemate pojma. Pa isti ti novinarski eksperti cesto pisu nasove, drama na nebu... za svaku sitnicu

    8. JATBEGMEL18:08


      Going by the info given, the JU crew did what they could in regards to the above incident. As much as the crew would like to do more, the fact is that crew are sometimes helpless in these situations and nothing much can be done. In some countries, smoking on board is taken seriously, in many nothing much is done. JU crew have no right to restrain pax due to Serbian law not allowing it, which imo needs to change, while adequate training for such implemented. JU have a number of crew from the ME3 which train their crew in restraining dusruptive pax, however as above, have no handcuffs/restraining devices nor the legal right to do so under Serbian law.

      Even if they had the right to restrain, the above is still no grounds to restrain. JU crew did what they could, and did a good job. Well Done!

  30. Gee guys, don't you understand that this just had to be done in order to keep the Serbian prime minister's ego-building long haul flight to JFK on life support. And to apply that perfectly rational strategy of turning to the East, flights to destinations such as Krasnodar, Astana, Tehran...etc. Smh

    1. Anonymous15:41

      Za razliku od OU koji se raspada prodajuci slotove i prevoznicku kompaniju?

    2. Anonymous16:05


    3. Anonymous16:50

      @Anon 3:41PM
      Does it make you fell better to mentions OU? Do you feel vindicated now?

    4. Anonymous18:32

      What have OU to do with these cuts???

    5. Anonymous18:50

      The same way the OU cheer girls feel vindicated, every time they pull JU into a negative discussion about OU. Don't sound surprised.

    6. Anonymous19:43

      You are so frustrated with OU, Croatia and ZAG that nobody can help you.
      What OU have with issues at JU????

    7. Anonymous23:06

      OK, are we talking about OU that will have 24 new flights per week and 4 new routes?

      And luckily Air Serbia has her own bus company unlike Croatia. Upsss... it does not, they sold it year ago... Aaaaa, pity...

    8. Anonymous07:53

      The post is not about OU.
      But you are so obsessed and frustrated with Croatia and OU.
      Here's another way how JU can make company more profitable - stop flying to ZAG.
      You still live in the past, wake up.
      BEG and JU is not the center of the world.

  31. Anonymous15:33

    I am expecting that they introduce several new lines. They will cut Zagreb but in same time they will introduce Venice. They cut Varna but they put Ohrid in night wave.
    Let's wait few more weeks to see if they would introduce some new line.

    1. Anonymous23:09

      Hello... 46 weekly flight less than last year. -11,6%. Even when you include those few new flights it is still 46 less flights all together.

      So it is not decline Zagreb and new route to Venice. It is decline Zagreb, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Ljubljana...etc..

  32. Anonymous15:51

    JU is the one of the very few successful projects of the EY Group. Unfortunately, JU is suffering due to the epic failure of AB and AZ. Not enough feeder flights.

    1. Dejan16:23

      Was AB and AZ supposed to feed JU's flight to JFK?
      No. VAR, SOF, ATH, SKG, TLV, BEI, IEV, IST, OTP, BUD, TIA and the Ex-Yu countries were supposed to do that.

      In fact the JFK route was supposed to strengthen the short haul flights by providing feed to them. And to help the opening of new shorthaul destinations.

      So either something went very wrong during the execution of this plan or the plan itself was flawed from the start.
      Either way AZ and AB have nothing to do with it.

    2. Anonymous16:32

      It seems only flights from PRN could save AS in the current situation and that is if they manage to somehow convince the local populace they should fly via BEG.

    3. Anonymous16:57

      Dejan, if what you say is an official statement from the airline (strengthening short-haul flights by feeding with long-haul flights), than -I'm sorry to say that but- bankruptcy is inevitable for JU. Because there's no such business model on earth. In aviation business it works the opposite way, short-haul flights feed long-haul flights.

    4. Anonymous17:49

      he meant the same

  33. Anonymous16:12

    Unfortunately it will most probably become worse than what we see in the table presented.

    All operations to Germany may be handed over to AB in order to support the latest restructuring of that EAP member, in a code-share agreement. In addition, JU's AUH route may be merged with EY's flight. In such scenario EY would start using wide-body on the route to be competitive with EK's new service to ZAG.

    That would make reduction of another 40 flights pw. JU is facing a tough period.

  34. Anonymous16:15

    Optimising the network which is normal for every airline, stop drawing apocalyptical scenarios, hater squad

    1. Anonymous17:13

      We're listening about this since September 2015. So, when they cut back than the winter schedule have this helped them out or didn't? Because, as far as I remember, the cut caused a lack of connectivity. Now cuts are even bigger.

    2. Anonymous18:41

      The comment on haters is passe. It was repeated so many times at this place, that it became ridiculous.

      The qualification of every comment not in favor of JU as "haters squad activity" is the invention of JU's communication department, very much involved in this blog.

      Now, even that department is dismantling rapidly - head is leaving in ten days. JU is losing its own people very fast.

    3. Anonymous22:50

      Nice try... the current head is leaving because his mandate has finished and is going back to EY and his replacement is now on board ... you conveniently left that out. i wonder why ?

    4. Anonymous23:15

      -11,6% is not optimizing. Even Croatia with forced downsizing because of restructuration did not have even near to 11,6% reduction.

      And we are talking about company that was announce how results are perfect, how their system is profitable even this year. Profitable, more passengers, better results, better LF, but still huge downsizing.

      I don't know any company that was successful with downsizing. It is always begging of end.

  35. Anonymous16:21

    Pusti ih malo da se istresu. Uskoro ukidaju Adriu.

  36. Danijel16:49

    Nisam hejter ni lover, samo volim pratiti vijesti u avijaciji. Po meni, bum ASL, koliko god impresivan bio, je dosao prenaglo. Super je imati let za SAD, ali prije toga treba srediti i linije i flotu kod kuce. ASL je krenuo savrseno, po meni, sve do te linije za JFK. Nisam strucnjak, ali to je po meni bio promasaj. I sad dolaze na naplatu posljedice te ishitrene odluke.

  37. Zorica Stankovic18:33

    JU should get rid of very old ex-JAT cabin crew because their appearance reminiscent of the time of JAT and its (bad) service.

    1. Anonymous19:07

      this is spam

    2. Da, to im je najveći problem :)

  38. JATBEGMEL18:35

    What disappointing news from JU.

    - JU are not reliable with their schedules, as mentioned above, many last minute changes does not evoke customer confidence.
    - JU never had a perfect timetable where all flights connected all the time. Additional reductions dont help either.
    - JU is late to release flights for sale. With the seasonality of the domestic market, quickly filling seats with lower yields especially for transit pax bleeds money that is already scarce, or non existant.
    - Too many A319's in the fleet. JU never replaced the DC9 which is a huge mistake. A regional jet such as the ERJ in 2 variations would solve the ATR issue as well as regional/euro destinations not suited for ATR ops and too small to send the A319 ie PRG, VCE, WAW, VIE, SKG, MXP, FCO. SJJ many times takes on a payload restriction and its their shortest flight!!!
    - No proper plan was in place for the A330 as evident earlier in their late attempt into long haul charters. There was always intention to serve PEK, and preparing a reduced JFK would of easily fit a 2 p/w PEK. This boosts ac utility.
    - BEG is not an ideal transit hub which doesnt work the most efficiently. Not much to do other than browse over priced shops or relax at cafes partially stocked.
    - Pax in longer transit litterally have nothing to do. With the city soo close, JU could easily run 'mini tours' for those transiting over 6 hours. Its a fantastic product that TK offers, which JU could easily implement.

    JU is in a perfect location, in a region which is underserved and not well connected. JU in many of its markets has little to no competition yet seems to struggle with expansion and holding onto what theyve built the last couple years.

    1. Anonymous20:18

      Friend, Arabmentality is not really known and famous for pre-planning and advance noticing hence charter offerings after the fact,destination startup without advance ticket sales..etc. Nowdays Serbia provides call service while vital decisions are made in Auh. Long life to our national king!!

  39. Anonymous20:27

    I wonder is JFK flight really the only factor to blame for this downfall? Would Air Serbia be doing much better without JFK?

    1. Anonymous20:49

      Good question. Maintaining a 10 year old A330, having JFK slots are both not cheap options. Not to mention the hard task of a continuous higher LF.

  40. Anonymous20:46

    Well, the whole EY Group is basically shrinking their operations. Just look how sad AB is and not to mention the super cheap prices offered by AZ. My only concern is that this bubble might soon burst and if AZ or AB don´t fly, they will not generate revenue for JU to fly neither. Situation is not dramatic but also not positive.

  41. Jatovanje23:18

    So in October president of Supervisory board Mali, announced one more A330 and new routes.

    Instead we have -46 weekly flights!

    We have name for that:


  42. Anonymous23:51

    For me this is more than expected. You should have in mind that one year ago INI was a deserted wannabe airport. Now they are hoping for 300k pax.
    Predicting that W6/RY would create a totally new market out of INI was not completelly correct. There is an imapct on AS. While there is a possibility that LCC at Nis have created a new market on the traditional gastarbeiter routes like ZRH/MLH/BTS they have endangered the position of JU on markets like Denmark, Belgium or The Netherlands.
    However I wish all the best to JU. Glad to see their OHD route is doing well!
    Greetings from Skopje

  43. Anonymous23:59

    Without Ethihad Air Serbia will go bust at that very moment...No proper management, no proper working habits...I think it will happen soon..

  44. Anonymous01:53

    Air Serbia fail

  45. RIP Air Serbia.

    Two big mistakes they made led to this:

    1. Should have been a network LCC/Hybrid carrier similar to Air Baltic, JetBlue, Aegean, Southwest, etc from the very beginning.

    2. Should have gotten regional jets. If they didn't want two jet fleets, then get regional jets instead of airbuses. Look at the size of LOT and they are almost exclusively RJs.

  46. Anonymous03:29

    A little early with the RIP comment. It's not over till the fat lady sings.

  47. Anonymous07:38

    So much hate and bitterness. So much of a wish that something dies, ceases to exist. I used to wonder why so much but it really does not matter anymore. Understanding that hate and those death wishes is really not necessary. Staying safely far from that biohazard is the only thing that matters.


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