Wizz Air ups EX-YU Budapest frequencies


Low cost carrier Wizz Air will increase frequencies on its public obligation flights from Budapest to two cities in the former Yugoslavia, which were launched earlier this summer season. Over the upcoming 2017/18 winter, Wizz will add an additional weekly frequency from the Hungarian capital to Skopje and Podgorica, for a total of three per week. The added services will come into effect from October 31. Wizz launched flights from Budapest to Skopje, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Pristina, as well as Tirana, after inking a concession agreement with the Hungarian National Ministry of Development, in order to cover these previously unserved cities from Budapest.


  1. Anonymous18:04

    How come these subsidies are not illegal?

    1. Anonymous19:41

      No idea.

      Especially since PSO is only legally possible as a domestic service under special conditions.

    2. Anonymous19:45


    3. Anonymous21:17

      It could be under some sort of 'improving relations' or Hungarian Tourist Board' banner.
      Something like Croatia does when it subsidizes flights within Croatia, I think with Trade Air.
      Although this is not within one country.

    4. Anonymous22:28

      Because there was a tender where every company in the EU was "eligible" to apply. It is not a classical subsidy + there is no any competitor on the route...

    5. Anonymous22:33

      Didn't they require the airline to have a maintenance facility at BUD in order to get the right to operate these flights?

    6. Anonymous22:41

      Not all subsidies are illegal. A typical example of legal subsidies are the ones given to all kinds of transportation companies to maintain links that are important but not profitable.

  2. Anonymous18:17

    I will took the Skopje - Budapest flight on wednesday. I will try to tell you the loads

    1. Anonymous22:37

      I have just checked. Not so good. 110 seats are occupied.

    2. Anonymous00:26

      not so bad either

    3. Anonymous12:43

      BUD-SKP 155/180


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