Croatia Airlines rolls out "hand baggage only" fares


Croatia Airlines has begun selling tickets intended for passengers travelling with their hand baggage only. The "FlyEasy" fare is available to book for flights from July 27 onwards and is cheaper than those including checked-in baggage. Fare conditions stipulate that each passenger is entitled to one piece of cabin baggage (maximum eight kilograms and 115 cm). Passengers who select the "FlyEasy" fare but also have checked-in luggage will have to pay extra for each bag. The fee is set at thirty euros for the first bag (up to 23 kilograms and 115 cm) each way on international services and 80 kunas (10 - 11 euros) each way on domestic flights. Last year, Adria Airways introduced hand baggage only fares, while Air Serbia also rolled out such pricing for select European destinations.


  1. Anonymous16:46

    Great! Finally! :)

    1. Anonymous17:05

      Service is reduced to LCC level but without LCC prices. It is better to fly with lowcosters.

    2. Anonymous20:16

      Was checking some fares today...about 110 EUR round trip to London and back I would hardly call expensive. It is not 1 or 10 EUR, but really, is 110 EUR for round trip a lot?

    3. Anonymous21:08

      For same dates it would be even lower with Ryan and Wizz for almost the same service.

    4. Anonymous21:16

      Neither Ryan or Wizz fly you to LHR though.

    5. Anonymous23:14

      OU or any other non-LCC airline wouldn't do that to you:

      Ryanair did it. That is another reason you shouldn't risk flying with them if the price difference is under 20€ or thereabouts.

  2. Anonymous17:04

    Bravo Hrvatska !

  3. Anonymous17:15

    That's some real forward-thinking there.

    1. Anonymous17:19

      How when every other airline in the region has already done it? It's more like catch up.

  4. Anonymous18:29

    The beginning of the end. They copied W6

    1. Anonymous18:37

      So did JP and JU. Is it the beginning of the end for them too?

    2. Anonymous19:58

      It was until OU did it, hypocrits!

    3. Anonymous21:12

      So has LH, BA, KL, A3, LX, SK, IB and so many other airlines in Europe.
      This is today's market and everyone needs to adjust to it.

  5. Anonymous18:45

    Zasto je kod legacy carriera kilaza rucnog prtljaga ogranicena kad jedna LCC (U2) daje mogucnost neogranicene tezine rucnog prtljaga sve dok je kofer u dozvoljenim merama?

    1. Anonymous20:07

      Hahahahaja...ajd sad malo mozak ukljuci i dodji do zakljucka

    2. Anonymous22:43

      Vidim ti si ukljucio.
      Jasno je da to rade zbog novca ali kad se u svakom pogledu priblizavaju LCC mogli bi i u ovom

  6. Anonymous21:42

    VR pri kraju piste?

  7. JU520 BEGLAX22:04

    Most stupid idea some airliner ever had and with all the lack of inovativity the airlines today hve, they just copy all others

    It causes boarding, deboarding delays and there is no real added value to the airline and passenger

  8. Anonymous00:32

    I would appreciate if someone could explain who (if at all) benefits from all those "hand-baggage only" policies airlines have nowadays. Passengers obviously not, since fares are not any cheaper or definitely not by the amount of checked baggage fees, which in this case (and most other cases) are enormous - 30eur one way.
    I don't see benefits for the airlines either if everyone (or majority) brings hand baggage only. Don't think there are any savings in baggage handling fees for the airline because of the reduced amount of baggage airports have to handle.

    On the other side for everyone involved there are more and more problems caused by the large quantities of hand luggage. To list only few of them:
    - passengers have to carry their luggage all the way through security and the airport and then on a plane fight for the free space in the overhead bins with fellow passengers. I would most of the time prefer to get rid of my luggage at the check-in
    - increased workload and delays at the security check
    - increased workload checking weight and dimensions of the hand luggage at the check-in/gate
    - significant boarding/handling delays if hand luggage has to be checked at the gate and then loaded in cargo compartment due to lack of space in the cabin (regularly happens with LCCs)
    - significant boarding/deboarding delays and increased workload on smaller planes where all the hand luggage has to be put in cargo compartment (Delivery at aircraft procedures)
    - various security concerns since hand luggage is not checked and can't be identified
    - various situations when hand baggage is not perfectly in line with terms and conditions of the airline. Mostly angry and dissapointed passengers as the consequence.
    - not consistent rules at different airports and you never know if your hand luggage is maybe 0.5kg too heavy or few cm to big and you have a problem.

    So, for me not being able to check my luggage it sometimes is a very big deteriorating factor when choosing an airline.

    Hopefully airlines will soon realize that this has all gone to far and is starting to affect turnaround efficiency. And with no benefit for anyone. They will then start promoting a free piece of checked baggage as something others don't offer.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX00:45

      Anonym 1232 am

      Fully agree with all yr points
      Airlines are not hvng any benefits. Today plenty of hand luggage is being stopped at the aircraft and hve to be loaded at the same place like checked in bags,causing waiting times after arrivals since those bags hve to be brought to the aurcraft door again
      Complete non sense
      In May I boarded A321 of LX. It took 40 min to complete boarding. After arrival in VIE it took another 30min until ac was empty. Overhead bins were so full that after arrival even a laptop fall out the overhead bin on a passengers head

  9. as someone who travels hand luggage only even long haul (YES!), this makes perfect sense. was never really a fan of 20-30kg bags specially if it's a short stay trip and all you want is to get out of the airport asap. hope air serbia will offer this as well.

    1. Anonymous11:41

      Travelling "hand luggage only" has always been possible if you do not fancy checking your bag or if you are travelling for business etc. But there are only about 20-30 percent of those passengers. For everyone else paying enormous amounts for checked baggage is a pain in the ass.

      And fare prices aren't any cheaper because of that, as they are also not because of cost cuttings on food, beverage, newspapers and other amenities you used to have with legacy carriers.

      Non-LCCs are trying to compete with LCCs but are loosing the game because they still have to maintain robust and expensive organisations which is preventing them to be competitive price wise. And with all those cost cutting policies they are also loosing their last advantages they have in comparison to LCCs.


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