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August is upon us and the previous month saw a significant number of developments in the former Yugoslav aviation market. Adria Airways set up a new Swiss subsidiary which purchased a majority stake in Darwin Airline, Macedonia began evaluating the possibility of setting up a national carrier, while Air Serbia stepped up its internal consolidation measures. However, it was Wizz Air's carry-on baggage fee suspension that was the most popular among visitors last month. The news has also positioned itself as the fourth most read article since EX-YU Aviation News went online on June 1, 2008.

The full list of the top ten trending stories this July can be viewed below:

Your favourite livery of the week in July was SunCountry Airlines.

A total of 4.230 comments were made on the 73 feature articles and news flash items published during the month, while visitor numbers increased 47.5%, making July 2017 the busiest month since EX-YU Aviation News went online over nine years ago. During the month, the majority of visitors accessed the site from Serbia, followed by Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Switzerland and Australia.


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