Mostar Airport makes Eurowings shortlist


Mostar Airport has qualified for the second and final round of voting in Eurowings' "You Vote, We Fly" campaign. The winning city, selected through a public vote, will be included in the airline's 2018 summer season schedule. Mostar came second out of the ten shortlisted cities, among which were also Brač and Podgorica from the former Yugoslavia. The Bosnian city garnered 31.2% of the public vote. Mostar will now compete against the two other best-placed potential destinations, Trapani and Shannon. The final round of voting to select Eurowings' newest destination will take place on Facebook live tomorrow at 15.00 CEST.


  1. anybody have the vote link?

  2. Anonymous19:59

  3. Anonymous21:06

    Go Mostar, go !!!

  4. So we all have to vote tomorrow on Facebook of Eurowings?

  5. The voting has closed. The big final for the top 3 positions will take place live on Facebook, Wednesday (Oct 11th) at 3pm CEST!


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