Air Serbia rolls out new ancillary service

Air Serbia has introduced a new ancillary service in a bid to increase revenue and profitability. It has rolled out its "Celebration Package" where the airline will organise cakes, champagne and flowers for passengers' special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, first flights and anniversaries. The service must be ordered 48 hours before the flight, with prices starting at 7.5 euros. The company said the decision to introduce the service was made following a series of requests from passengers who wished to surprise their loved ones or mark a special date. “In Air Serbia our focus is always on our guests and we strive to fulfil their wishes and exceed their expectations. We are glad to introduce this new service into Air Serbia’s assortment, primarily because it was created based on our guests’ requests. With that, we will become an essential part of their most precious moments”, Jelena Jazić, Head of Marketing at Air Serbia, said.

Air Serbia now offers a number of ancillary services including advanced seat reservation, priority baggage tagging, additional baggage, fast track for passport control, airport welcomes and assistance and travelling with pets.


  1. Anonymous14:10

    Whatever gets them profit ... poor flight attendants tho xD

    1. Anonymous14:12

      I wonder if they will have to sing "Happy Birthday" :D

  2. Anonymous14:17

    The photo is just perfect for this article haha

  3. Anonymous14:35

    This just shows how innovative a legacy carrier can be. Brilliant, delightful and colourful initiative. Applause to ASL.

    1. Anonymous17:16

      Two sandwiches because it is Sunday!

  4. Anonymous14:38

    Hillarious..They make monkeys out of their personell. Overpriced low cost with aeging fleet....

    1. Anonymous15:37

      You don't know what low cost airline is. Use wikipedia or start here to understand Air Serbia is not LCC:

      Standardization of plane size and seating options,
      Using a reduced seat pitch, if required,
      Fly point-to-point routes in lieu of a hub-and-spoke system,
      Use primarily unserved or underserviced catchment areas and secondary airports,
      Refrain from interline agreements, code-share agreements and the use of travel agencies,
      Sell directly from the Company website,
      Cap full-time employees substantially below that of the mainline carriers,
      Unbundle all items; deploy strategies for maximizing ancillary revenue by selling additional services, such as in-flight food and baggage, to customers.

    2. Anonymous15:45

      I am reading the reviews and it breaks my heart to learn that the quality is indeed going down....

      I think they need cash and trying to sell various products like supermarket Ryanair. They sell scratch cards, perfumes, food and drinks, lottery cards.

      Maybe ASL should try with the scratch cards?

    3. Anonymous15:59

      "Air Serbia is definitely getting worse and their hand luggage"cage" is a joke.8kgs only" I dalje mislis da tu pisu normalni ljudi?

    4. Anonymous17:00

      Anon @15:45

      Maybe you should take a chill pill and stop trying to dig up dirt about ASL that isn't even true?

    5. Anonymous18:53

      Anon @15:45 doesn't know what LCC is but doesn't stop him from suggesting Air Serbia should copy some of Ryanair offerings, LOL!

  5. Anonymous14:56

    Insert a coin into my memory so I can wish you a happy birthday. More you pay me, more I'll do for your special day. So poor so miserable :( Comparable to Ryanair's initiative to charge for toilet usage.

  6. Nemjee15:01

    Can you also book a clown for birthday celebrations?

  7. Anonymous15:05

    It's already bookable on their website!

    It reads:

    Your special moment with a cake with a personal note, champagne and a rose.
    Chocolate premium cake "Ana" 0.5kg, with a personal note "Mumm", champagne 0.375ml and a rose.
    Price: 15€

    So the cake's name is Ana.

    YU-ANI <<< coincidence? Don´t think so.

    Very smart product by the way, not offered by other legacy carriers.

    1. Croatia airlines offer sparkling wine and cake also for 25 euros.

    2. Anonymous15:13

      Yes, but JU's product is more sophisticated compared to OU and also quality vs price, I think JU is better.

    3. Anonymous15:30

      Zaista ko ima zelju za ovim majmunisanjem u skucenoj kabini aviona?

    4. Anonymous16:43

      I don't know why every time there is a need to say something bad about another airline in order to emphasize your point. Croatia Airlines offers this service for more than 5 years. Over the time we have changed the products. Right now we serve the sparkling wine POJ along with the cake. We like to support local winemakers. If you think this is not quality and you haven't tried it how can you compare?

    5. Anonymous17:35

      Ok but what about the cake? Is it considered or just wine?

    6. Anonymous16:14

      What about the cake? It is standard chocolate cake. You can order just a cake, or cake and sparkling wine.

  8. Dejan Milinković17:01

    Six widebodies in BEG today, really crazy. Four Airbus passenger planes and two Boeing cargo ones.

    1. Anonymous17:56

      Which ones? There was Uzbekistan B76F yesterday I think.

    2. Anonymous18:56

      Dejan please snap a picture if you can with as many widebodies in the frame as possible

  9. Anonymous14:49

    Bravo for Air Serbia! Last time I saw champagne on the many of an air plane was on Easy Jet, and it was rarely it was around 22 eur...offering cava or sparkling wine is nowhere close to this level...

  10. Anonymous17:53

    Razlog za slavlje sampancem jos nema za ovu godinu jos nije registrovan profit, jedino prosli mjsec je bio izuzetno finansiski dobar za avion registracije YU-APB i YU APA, komunikacija sa ostalim osobljem u kontroli je jos slabija jedino Aviolet je itekako profitabilna aviokompanija.

    1. Anonymous20:18

      Aviolet није авио-компанија, она је само бренд унутар Ер Србије.


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