Montenegro Airlines ends Boeing operations


Montenegro Airlines has returned a Boeing 737-500 aircraft it wet-leased over the summer season from Malta's AirX Charter. The jet operated its last flight on behalf of the Montenegrin carrier on September 30. The airline, which has posted record passenger growth over the summer, is said to be extremely satisfied with the aircraft's performance. "Leasing an aircraft for a longer period of time during the peak summer months, which we did for the first time, proved to be extremely successful and efficient so we will likely do the same next year", the company told the "Vijesti" daily. The 126-seat aircraft entered service on behalf of Montenegro Airlines on April 15 and operated exclusively from Podgorica. It clocked-up a total of 1.300 block hours for the carrier.


  1. So sad it's leaving.
    Looked extremely elegant and nicely fitting legacy.

    1. you forget the hospitality bruhah

  2. It was piece of s...often comes I BEG for maintance and servicing... Old plane a big cost paid by...

  3. More maintenace than flight hours.Find better ACMI provider,and optimize a/c...since your routes is 2-2,5hrs...better stick to B73.Optimized for short hops,2-3hrs.Find B738,and optimize charter product and most of all...flight timetable!

  4. Veoma udoban i dobar avion letio sam kao putnik 3 puta ove godine iz Podgorice, sada imamo jedinu udobnu opciju a to je Fokker100 za Beograd.


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