Adria to end Paderborn - London flights


Adria Airways will discontinue its three weekly flights between its base in Paderborn and London's Southend Airport. The last service is scheduled to operate on January 6. On the other hand, the carrier will shift capacity to add frequencies between Paderborn and Vienna, which will increase from four to five per week starting February 6. The Slovenian carrier will continue to maintain operations from Paderborn to Zurich unchanged at eleven flights per week. Adria opened its Paderborn base, in north-western Germany, this November. It was to maintain operations with a Saab 2000 turboprop aircraft but has instead wet-leased an ATR72 (registered ES-ATG) from Nordica subsidiary Regional Jet.


  1. Anonymous10:50

    So they are wet leasing planes to fly from Paderborn. Crazy!

  2. Anonymous10:53

    JP is clumsy, careless and needs SERIOUS management. Whatever they "touch" turns into a disaster.
    Why don't they simply entirely become a flag carrier of other countries in need?
    They can try domestic routes in France or domestic Ukraine or base an aircraft in Nish...

    1. Anonymous11:16

      Don't give them any ideas because they'll do it :D

      But anyway, I see nothing wrong with them trying different things. With no changes, the airline will end in bankruptcy. They're trying to discover profitable markets - if they fail they'll go bankrupt. If they do nothing, they'll go bankrupt. So at this stage there is nothing to lose. Just hope they'll find a niche and survive.

    2. Observer11:32

      Anonymous @ 11:16, but they do have a niche.

      They are a serious LH Group feeder from southeast Europe. They feed FRA. MUC, VIE, ZRH, and BRU with passengers from SEE, while serving as the national airline of SLO and also picking a significant number of P2P passengers that reside in these European metropolises.

      It can work, but they need to be lean, very lean. It can be done, and I wish them all the luck in the world.

    3. Anonymous20:10

      Apparently there was a rather large campaign in and around London against JP and their PAD flights as in the beginning they cancelled many rotations.
      Well let's say it was only one sided marketing against Adria. Not sure if UP ever knew themselves what the word marketing means.

    4. Anonymous20:13

      JP not UP

    5. Anonymous03:17

      Serious LH feeder with 70 seater CRJs and 50 seater Saabs?
      Ok, if you say so

    6. Observer07:48

      Last time I checked, CRJ stands for Canadair Regional Jet. Thus, jets used for regional flight to feed larger hubs.

      Furthermore, JP flies CRJ900 series that seat between 86 and 90 passengers.

      While I am certainly not a fan of having a fleet of various manufacturers for such a small operator as JP, Saab 2000 also by design are built o serve smaller airports and feed hubs, such as VIE, MUC or FRA.

    7. Anonymous08:58

      Thanks for the clarification what CRJ stands for. The sarcasm which you obviously didnt get was that a plane with a 86—90 pax capacity can hardly be called a serious feeder to anything

    8. Anonymous17:24

      Zasto tako tesko lupetas? Amerika je prepuna takvih kompanija koje rade za tri velike. Npr Imaju 184 CRJ100 i CRJ200 aviona. Tesko ste neozbiljni na ovom blogu.

    9. Observer07:59

      @Anonymous 08:58
      By serious I meant professional and reliable. Not significant feeder. Two different things I'm afraid.

      But if you want to say that for LH Group feeder figures from JP are insignificant then I would agree with you.

      Nonetheless, the topic was profitability.

  3. Observer11:24


    Adria Airways turns from a lessor to a lessee of Nordica in the space of less than a year.

    Obviously, none of us truly knows, but it's fair to guess that this strategy of European expansion is not working for them. The exception probably being their PRN base that is rather stable and is also used to cover its flights out of TIA using the W model, i.e. PRN-FRA-TIA-FRA-PRN as an example.

    But dear, oh dear, elsewhere it's really looking as chaos looking from the outside.

  4. Anonymous15:53


  5. Anonymous17:15

    Instead of flying from Maribor to Barcelona and and Liverpool when they still had a chance, before chinese decided to destroy MBX for another 15 years, they went to Paderborn. Congrats.

    1. Anonymous08:23

      Why would they fly to those cities from MBX? They dont event fly to those cities from LJU.

    2. Observer08:01

      Because the logic goes as follows: serving SLO market via LJU only is not profitable, but serving the SLO market via LJU and MBX would be profitable. Nonsense, of course.

  6. Hehehehehe. Pa kad sam igrao Transport Tycoon sam to radi s više predomišljanja nego što ovi linije otvaraju. Kao da su lik koji kolicima prodaje hot dogove pa malo proba u parku, malo ispred škole pa što bude bude.
    A inače ova Nordica par godina unatrag nije imala ni vlastite avione, a sad već imaju subsidary. U suvremenom avioprometu više ne znaš tko pije i tko plaća


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