Atlasglobal to boost Belgrade service


Turkey's Atlasglobal will introduce additional flights from Istanbul's main airport to Belgrade from April 1, 2019. The airline plans to maintain daily services between the two cities, up from four weekly. As a result, there will be a total of 25 weekly flights between Istanbul and the Serbian capital, four of which will operate from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Both Turkish Airlines and Atlasglobal are set to move from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul's New Airport at the end of March. Atlasglobal codeshares on a number of Air Serbia flights and its business class passengers have access to the Air Serbia Premium lounge in Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous13:55

    Interesting times ahead for the route. However, nothing compares to the BEG-TIV route.
    I'd dare say it's one of the busiest routes in the Balkans.

    1. Anonymous16:39

      I think it is BEG-TGD, then Zagreb-Dubrovnik in the second place and after that Beg-TIV

    2. Anonymous19:06

      in summer is BEG-TIV with 35 flights, and in winter BEG-TGD with 28 flights

    3. Nemjee20:27

      Numbers for 2017:

      BEG-TGD 293.913
      ZAG-DBV 268.173
      BEG-IST 249.589
      BEG-TIV 216.553

      Numbers are for IST alone, SAW isn't included. As for ZAG-DBV from what I remember it's not doing as great in 2018.

    4. Anonymous22:11

      And what about ZAG-FRA with 35 flights per week all year?

    5. Anonymous06:21

      Nemjee do you maybe have a numbers for most busiest route from ju cariers?

    6. Nemjee06:31

      Sorry, I only have airport pairs, numbers are not divided by the airline.

      Seems like BEG-ZRH is the busiest route in ex-YU:

      1. BEG-ZRH 368.815
      2. ZAG-FRA 321.907
      3. ZAG-MUC 191.990

      In Q1 and Q2 BEG-ZRH grew by some 10.000 passengers so next year it might have around 400.000 passengers which is impressive.

      Busiest routes out of Croatia in 2017 were dominated by ZAG.

      1. ZAG-FRA
      2. ZAG-DBV
      3. DBV-LGW (239.024)
      4. ZAG-SPU
      5. ZAG-MUC

      The next non-ZAG route is SPU-LGW (153.484) on the 9th spot.

    7. Nemjee06:39

      Just to add, BEG-FRA is also ahead of BEG-TIV with some 245.000 passengers. I guess TIV is the busiest in summer but like most coastal airports, it slips on the overall ranking once winter months come.

    8. Here can web find all that interesting data's, please.

  2. Anonymous14:14

    I'm wondering why they don't consider other destinations at the Balkans which are working fine for other Turkish airlines such as Sarajevo or Skopje

    1. Anonymous14:24

      They flew to Sarajevo

      Now they just fly charters there.

  3. Anonymous14:25

    I'm positively surprised by the number of routes that will be upgraded by airlines from BEG. Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, Aeroflot, RedWings, Etihad and now Atlasglobal. Nice.

    1. Anonymous15:01

      The airlines are given free BEG slots and preventing INI from growing. Nothing new here.

    2. Anonymous15:18

      They aren't given "free slots". They already fly to Belgrade and they are not interested in flying to Nis. Simple as that.

    3. Nemjee20:28

      Red Wings? Have they announced their summer schedule yet?

    4. Anonymous22:38

      Plus new JU routes, which are to be announced soon. Great year ahead for BEG

  4. Anonymous14:26

    It is interesting how CAD has no problem to give Atlas permits to boost frequencies but does not allow Turkish to increase frequencies or capacity.

    1. Anonymous14:46

      Atlasglobal saradjuje sa AS.

  5. Anonymous15:16

    Vansi vec radi super posao

  6. Anonymous22:15

    Pa Atlas global je prošle godine imao frekvenciju od 7 letova (čak i 10 u jednom momentu). Zimi je smanjio na 4. Kako je onda to uvečanje spram prošle godine?

    1. Anonymous22:19

      Leteo je 4x osim za vreme Evrokupa.


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