Montenegro Airlines to launch new Tivat service


Montenegro Airlines will introduce new seasonal flights between Tivat and Hannover next summer. The carrier will maintain two weekly services between the two cities commencing May 2. Flights will run with the 102-seat Fokker 100 aircraft. During the 2018 summer season, Montenegro Airlines launched seasonal operations from Tivat to Munich, Leipzig and Copenhagen. However, services to Copenhagen are not scheduled to resume next year, while flights to both Munich and Leipzig will increase from two to three per week.

Details for the new Tivat - Hannover service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    Congratulations MGX and congratulations TIV. You are doing a GREAT job!
    LEJ deserves to be connected to more ex-YU cities. It is the hipster capital of Germany.

  2. Anonymous11:17

    Good news also for a good +10k ex-YU Diaspora living in the catchment area of HAJ. Though surely the connection is mainly targeted for tourism to TIV in the summer months. It will do well.

  3. Anonymous19:58

    Something very suspicious going on at Montenegro Airlines.

  4. Anonymous05:39

    Tivat is a desired destination for tourist community in Munich and Friedrichchafen.

  5. Anonymous06:14

    Fokker100 je veoma kvalitetan i ima udobnu putnicku kabinu,ovaj avion je omiljen kod vecine putnika i posade aviona.


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