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The ten most read articles on EX-YU Aviation News throughout February according to accumulated statistics:

The most popular vintage photo published in February:

Queen Elizabeth II at Titograd (Podgorica) Airport, October 1972

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. Germany
6. Bulgaria
7. Turkey
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
9. United Kingdom
10. Macedonia


  1. Anonymous13:34

    uhm why suddenly Bulgaria?

    1. Anonymous13:43

      Because this forum is also known in other Bulgarian aviation forums such as bgspotters for instance. Bulgarian airports are regularly discussed here too.
      This is what I think.

    2. Anonymous13:49

      Over time discussion has moved away from ex-YU and regional airpots and markets are also discussed, especially Bulgaria, Albania and Greece.

    3. Anonymous13:54

      its the sukhois

    4. Anonymous13:57

      Not too bad, don't you think?
      Besides the countries you mentioned are either neighbouring or have closer ties with with ex-Yu.
      Greece is always discussed :)
      Bulgaria has 5 airports, it's worth mentioning.
      Albania has TIA currently booming and definitely worth discussing. An airport with a 3 million passenger flow. That's not small.

    5. Anonymous15:40

      Best aviation blog ever ! Definitely better than where so many aspects of aviation are not even talked about.
      Mike from Munich.

    6. Anonymous16:12

      It's natural that there is more and more people from the wider region, this portal has been around for a long time. Maybe including Bulgaria and Albania would make sense, we can adopt them. :D

    7. Nemjee16:38

      I also tend to spam with Cyprus from time to time. :D

      It's only natural for discussion to expand to other regions, aviation is a cross-border dynamic business. The more the merrier if you ask me. We also have a Bulgarian friend on here who posts from time to time and keeps us updated on Bulgarian events, especially their concession news.

    8. Anonymous17:06

      Yes, especially when an airport like Belgrade which is periphery in Ex Yu is compared to Timisoara and Sofia airports. If there is a rival for Belgrade then its not Zagreb but Sofia.
      Mike from Munich.

    9. Nemjee17:29

      Actually in all of Europe I think RIX comes the closest to Belgrade in terms of its business nature. It's a regional player that is home to LCCs and an airline that offers transfer flights. Unfortunately BEG and SOF have different business models where SOF entirely relies on local demand while Belgrade does not.

      In the Balkans Athens is the closest to Belgrade but it's a much larger and busier airport. So same business model but different category.

    10. Anonymous17:31

      SOF concession has been delayed for the 4th time and postponed for 03.04.2019. The reason is, according to the government, the "huge interest".
      For the time being, only Manchester Airport Group has officially confirmed.
      The airport is in desperate need of concession as the current management is simply uncapable of properly handling it. There is potential for so many routes, similar to BEG and ZAG.
      If you compare the coast, especially VAR, Fraport has a really cool German CEO called Ulrich Heppe, who is working extremely well. The same applies for BOJ. 2 parallel worlds basically compared with SOF.

      GOZ has been given to a Bulgarian concessionaire and is very very slowly growing but still lots of work needs to be done. There is a large UK retired population there and flights to the UK would undoubtely work.

      That's all for now and greets to Nemjee.

  2. Anonymous19:09

    I am shocked this one didn't make it in the Top 10 most read: Serbia to publish VINCI contract "within a month"

    Another failed promise.

    1. Anonymous22:10


    2. Anonymous23:51

      Obecali su jos prosle godine pa nista. Zero responsibility.

  3. Anonymous19:48

    Compare Belgrade and Tbilisi Airport articles on Wikipedia page ! Nearly identic routes and giving glimpse to future for what destinastions Belgrade could get ; Flynas to Saudi Arabia as example !


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