Air Serbia schedules new London flights


Air Serbia has scheduled an additional daily service between Belgrade and London Heathrow Airport after leasing seven weekly slot pairs from part-owner Etihad Airways. The Serbian carrier will initially commence a new three weekly afternoon service between the two capital cities starting May 13, before increasing to daily from May 20. They will complement the airline's existing nine weekly flights between the two cities. The new service will depart Belgrade at 16.15 and land at Heathrow at 18.20. The inbound flight will depart at 20.45 and arrive in Belgrade at 00.25. As a result, Air Serbia will operate three daily flights between Belgrade and London on the weekends, with its afternoon services departing within ten minutes of each other. Etihad Airways itself will add an additional fourteen weekly flights between Abu Dhabi and Heathrow starting May 27.


  1. Anonymous13:45


    If Paris or Amsterdam can sustain all those flights then I am sure London can, especially since it's one of the most beautiful and important global capitals.

  2. Anonymous13:48

    Cheapest return fare this summer with no luggage is €200. Heathrow is quite pricey. I was looking for flights in June.

    1. Anonymous17:52

      How did we get to the point where 200 Euro for a round trip basically across all Europe in the highest travel season is "quite pricey"?

      Have you ever considered everything that went into that flight, from the first exploration and drilling to get oil (a finite, nonrenewable resource) from miles under the ground in the middle of nowhere, to decades of tens of thousands of Ph.D.s working on making that gravity-defying plane to hundreds of people who needed to come to work just that morning so that your butt can be in that seat and safely arrive -- to one of the most desirable and overcongested airports in the world, right at the time when everyone else wants to fly there?

    2. Anonymous18:01

      I'm poor so I didn't.

    3. Anonymous19:16

      Then I'm sorry, not to be insulting to anyone, but aviation is not the same as public bus transit has its price tag.

    4. BA88809:52

      @Anon -17.52

      Each time I take flight from LON to BUD for about £20 must be my dream...

    5. Anonymous09:53

      Bravo @anon 19:16. Think about those who travel 24 hours to get there and pay €1500 and As expensive as it is they pay it still because they want to travel.

    6. Anonymous10:02

      How convenient to write LON in stead of the code of the actual airport you are flying from BA888 ;)

    7. BA88810:08

      I am not sure what are you aiming at mate?

      It takes me equal amount of time to get to any airport in London (bar SEN) from where I live. So indeed LON it is...

      (Your facetious comment does not make sense and I am not really obsessed spending my time in the digs of ‘prestigious’ T4...)

  3. Very nice. So the schedule will be 2 daily:

    JU380 10:25 12:30 D
    JU388 16:15 18:20 D

    JU381 13:30 17:10 D
    JU389 20:45 00:25 D

    The inbound, evening flights are quite good for transfers or for city breakers.
    However, if the departure times from Belgrade were only 1 hour later, similar to the Barcelona ones, then other capitals could have been connected for transfer too. e.g. SKP, ZAG, SOF, etc. i.e. the afternoon wave usually arriving BEG around 15h-16h.

    1. Anonymous13:56

      Luckily there isn't that much competition so JU can fill those planes. These times will hurt Wizz which has a 05.55 departure from Luton and the flight goes back with a 10 minute difference with JU. The new times are really not convenient.

    2. Anonymous14:13

      If JU drops the price a bit, it could hurt Wizz quaite a bit. 5:55 is insane, unless you live in Luton or stay overnight in a hotel nearby.

    3. Early morning flights from London in general are quite popular, especially Saturdays. Check the U2 or FR ones to other nearby capitals and you will realise it's the same.

      Current LTN-BEG-LTN operated by Wizz Air UK:

      W9 4002 05:55 09:30 x135
      W9 4001 10:00 11:50 x135

      Difference will be 25 minutes but to 2 different London airports.

      I just checked that W9 have immediately lowered the prices (LTN-BEG) and start from £17.49, if you are a member.

    4. Anonymous14:21

      But how does one reach Luton that early in the morning? Heathrow is more centrally located so it's more accessible. Luton on the other hand is in the middle of nowhere.

      I think the evening flight out of LHR will be extremely popular.

    5. London is extremely well connected to all its 6 airports. There is a regular, night transport. As far as I remember, LTN is well connected to UK's northern cities via rail. There are lots of gastos, students, workers, etc in the northern area too.

      As you can see, there are numerous ways to reach it day and night.
      After all, this is London and not any ordinary capital ;)

      My favourite airport is definitely LGW though. LHR is extremely busy, just like CDG.

  4. Anonymous14:08

    U rezervacionom sistemu stoji A319.Sta se desava sa Etihadovim A320? Izgleda ce AS leteti svojim avionom sto znaci da u flotu od Juna stize jos jedan Erbas.

    1. Anonymous14:11

      Ја сам гледао и стоји А320 само ако гледаш летове из Београда онда провери онај средњи полазак, трећи тог дана је А319.

    2. Anonymous14:32

      Ako gledas vikend,srednji let ti je stari i na njemu cesto leti A320,onaj u 16.15h ti je novi. Pogledaj od ponedeljka do petka kad letovi idu 2X dnevno,uvek je A319.

    3. Anonymous14:57

      Могуће да Етихад шаље тај А320 у јуну јер до тада ЈУ има луфта колико толико пошто им флота није искоришћена у потпуности.

    4. Anonymous15:05

      I u junu stoji A319. Mozda taj A320 i stigne u AS od juna ali u konfiguraciji prilagodjenoj AS floti i da ga koriste na drugim linijama.

    5. Anonymous15:11

      Tehnicke je prirode taj podatak, bice prebacen u A320. Nista ne brinite, stize avion. :)

  5. Anonymous14:22

    Is JU codesharing with BA on flights to LHR?

    1. Anonymous14:58

      No, I think they do only with YM and EY.

  6. Anonymous17:03

    Now that IS a high price:

    "Readers will surely wonder how Air Serbia was able to afford this extra Heathrow slot."
    As readers may know, a single Heathrow slot (covering arrival and departure times) costs roughly between US$25 million and US$75 million

    Take it for free while EY is still alive :D :D

    1. Anonymous17:09

      JU is certainly lucky but you can also lease slots from other airlines, they don't need to buy them. EY is also being forced to increase LHR by extra two daily flights since those slots were used by Jet Airways.

    2. Anonymous17:14

      Yes. LHR are ridiculously expensive! Now I understand why OU had to sell them a couple of years ago to recover from its financial problems.
      Imagine the airlines having more than 1 daily LHR slot. Crazy money.

    3. Anonymous17:17

      For me the most impressive is that despite how expensive the airport is JU managed to have an average LF of 88%!

    4. Anonymous17:41

      Come on, mate. London is a city that needs at least 3-4 daily flights.
      The total number of flights this summer will be around 20 per week, which is still not enough!
      I can tell you right now, that if FR ever step to BEG. They will launch minimum daily STN service.

    5. Anonymous17:47

      Well it's 16 on JU and 4 on Wizz, plus the seat count was considerably increased since Wizz sends its A321.
      I would love for easyJet to launch LGW flights! FR would be from STN which is just too far away.

    6. Anonymous17:53

      U2 will be a very nice addition, agreed.
      There is a direct train from Stansted to Liverpool Street and takes around 45min. That's not too long, given the size of London.
      You will probably travel the same distance if you take the underground from Heathrow to Victoria for instance.
      We will see how the route will perform and if the prices will go down. There were many stories in the forum on how expensive the Belgrade-London route is. Average price of 250€.

    7. Doktor19:42

      I can tell you right now, that if FR ever step to BEG. They will launch minimum daily STN
      I would love for easyJet to launch LGW flights!

      BEG-LHR capacity is going up by almost 80% (!!!) and BEG-LON already has LCC option with W6. There is no business case for U2 to start BEG at this point. FR doesn't even fly at all to BEG, why would they gamble big time and start STN-BEG just for kicks!

      What a numbskull idea to propose U2 and FR at this point! It's just a jealousy and hate for Air Serbia wrapped in a dumb comment.

    8. Why would it be jealousy and hate if an air traveller wants to travel to London for 120 instead of 240 euros? And don't call me hater as well, because I think the same about ZAG /Croatia Airlines flights, not only BEG/Air Serbia

    9. Anonymous22:14

      Doktor, I guess you are living in America or Canada and have no clue about what you're saying.
      easyJet and Ryanair are essential airlines flown by other "numbskulls" wanting to save a bit more money.
      London is an 8+ million city i.e. the population of Serbia and Macedonia together. It has 6 airports and more of them within 200-250km away. Southhampton Airport or Brtistol Airport for instance.
      The presence of more airlines on a bigger destination can only be beneficial for JU due to increased competition. The more options Belgrade has from bigger cities, the better.
      The more options to fly to more London aiports, the better.

      Take Paris as an example. This summer the frequencies increased significantly and extended in winter. Prices will become affordable and more travellers will fly.

      This also goes out to cities having more than 1 airport> Rome, Milan, Paris, Warsaw, Kiev and so on.

      "There is no business case for U2" comment clearly shows you are absolutely unaware that U2 is used by many business people because it flies to central airports.

      You can check out their 1 minute video targeted exactly for business travellers:

      Nobody is bashing JU. Read the above comments and see that people are simply comparing JU and W6 schedules and hoping for more options. That's it.

      Oh yes and regarding your other "wise" comment:

      FR doesn't even fly at all to BEG, why would they gamble big time and start STN-BEG just for kicks!

      Thank you for enlightening us. This we didn't know.
      Maybe because FR is one of the biggest operators in STN and flying to more than 30 countries including Croatia and Montenegro?
      No wait, you can fly TGD-STN for 24€ and then complain.

    10. Doktor23:55

      1: "air traveller wants to travel to London for 120 instead of 240 euros"
      2: "There is no business case for U2" comment clearly shows you are absolutely unaware that U2 is used by many business people because it flies to central airports
      3: because FR is one of the biggest operators in STN and flying to more than 30 countries

      Oh, I did not know that. Thank you. I have no idea how to run an airline business, so I'll admit you guys know this business better than me. Please continue without me, I shall now retire to my quarters with a generous dose of sedatives.

  7. Anonymous10:32

    So that aircraft is going to be sat at Heathrow ifle for 2.5 hours before it's s return journey?

    1. Anonymous10:57

      They should just maybe send the A330 since the turnover time allows.

  8. Anonymous16:17

    BTW, this maybe answer questions - why didnt Etihad done this by themselves. They are also increasing London-Abu Dhabi:

    Etihad Airways from late-May 2019 is increasing Abu Dhabi – London Heathrow service, opened for reservation yesterday (01MAY19). From 26MAY19, the airline will operate 4 daily flights, increasing from existing 3 daily. 5th daily service will be added from 23JUN19 to 28SEP19.

    EY009 AUH0210 – 0645LHR 388 D
    EY011 AUH0250 – 0730LHR 388 D
    EY019 AUH0810 – 1250LHR 388 D
    EY025 AUH1315 – 1755LHR 789 D
    EY017 AUH1405 – 1845LHR 388 D

    EY010 LHR0930 – 1950AUH 388 D
    EY012 LHR0935 – 1955AUH 388 D
    EY020 LHR1500 – 0110+1AUH 388 D
    EY018 LHR2045 – 0655+1AUH 388 D
    EY026 LHR2120 – 0730+1AUH 789 D

    EY009/010 operates from 26MAY19 with A380, switching to 787-9 from 23JUN19
    EY011/012 does not operate from 26MAY19 to 22JUN19
    EY017/018 operates until 28SEP19

  9. Anonymous12:20

    For those who understand Serbian, very good commentary by a leading economic journalist on the new JU/Etihad Heathrow saga.


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