Air Serbia to take Jet Airways slots at Heathrow

Etihad Airways will lease seven weekly slot pairs at London Heathrow Airport to Air Serbia. They were previously utilised by the now grounded Indian carrier Jet Airways. The Indian airline, which was until recently the country's second-largest, suspended flights last week under the weight of high debt and a severe cash crunch. Etihad has since taken over some of its slots at one of the world's most congested airports, in London, which it will lease as of tomorrow to Air Serbia for an undisclosed sum. The two partners have submitted a slot swap request form. As a result, Air Serbia is expected to soon add an extra seven weekly services between Belgrade and London Heathrow.

The swap request was submitted yesterday to Airport Coordination Limited, a slot coordination company, and will be in effect until the end of the 2019 summer season on October 26. They include a daily 17.20 arrival into Heathrow and a 19.45 departure. The airline already owns a daily 10.25 arrival and 13.30 departure slot, as well as a two weekly (weekend) 18.10 arrival slot and 18.55 departure. The newly leased slots will be operated under new flight numbers JU388/JU389. A 136-seat Etihad Airways Airbus A320 is expected to be deployed on the service on behalf of Air Serbia.

Etihad Airways - Air Serbia slot swap request

Heathrow Airport, as one of the most congested in the world, operates at maximum capacity for most of the day. Oman Air broke the record for buying the most expensive slot in Heathrow’s history at 75 million US dollars from Air France - KLM in 2016. It surpassed the previous record holder American Airlines which bought a slot off SAS Scandinavian Airlines for sixty million US dollars. Croatia Airlines sold five of its morning slots, which are the most sought after, for 19.5 million US dollars in 2017 to Delta Air Lines.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    wow that was unexpected. So JU will have 16 weekly flights to LHR?

    1. Anonymous09:06

      Yes, that is correct.

  2. Anonymous09:05

    Wait wasn't the original narrative from 2013 how Etihad is going to steal Jat Airways' Heathrow slots?

    1. Anonymous09:06

      Yes, conspiracy theorists claimed it was part of the package with cheap agricultural land and Serbian women.

    2. Anonymous10:16

      Well, the argument about cheap agricultural land still stands (don't forget, Al Dahra from UAE did buy PKB).

  3. Anonymous09:05

    Is there that much demand between London and Belgrade?

    1. Anonymous09:07

      Wizz increased Luton to A321 so I would say yes.

  4. Anonymous09:08

    So from June there will 20 weekly flights to London from Belgrade. That's really not bad.

    1. Anonymous09:11

      Negative. Belgrade needs at least 35-40 weekly flights and FR flights to STN.

    2. Anonymous11:24

      Sofia has:
      - 14pw FR to STN
      - 16pw W6 to LTN
      - 5pw FB to LHR
      - 6pw EZY to LGW

      Total 41 weekly flights to London.

    3. Anonymous11:26

      Yes but there are hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians in the UK, that's not the case with Serbia.

    4. Anonymous12:57

      Even millions! :D

    5. Anonymous13:01

      Around 7-8 thousand Brits live in Bulgaria, especially in the Veliko Tarnovo region:

    6. Anonymous14:06

      Serbia is not in the EU and visitors to the UK need visa. LHR with 16 weekly slots from BEG is more than EU member ZAG with only 11.

    7. Why comparison ZAG and BEG only? If I understood well, you speak about countries Serbia which is non- EU, and Croatia which is EU. And speaking of countries, why don't you say how many flights and slots are there per week at UK airports from Croatia, and how many from Serbia, why only ZAG and BEG? I mean, there are countries where not all life is concentrated in one city only.

    8. Anonymous17:34

      You are right, how many flights in winter are there from the coast to the UK?

    9. Anonymous18:41

      Non-EU with more flights and visa regime is Kyiv.

      PS have 2 daily LGW serive
      BA - daily LHR
      W6 - 4 weekly LTN peak
      FR - 5 weekly STN

      Total: 30 weekly. Almost twice as much as BEG.

      And the biggest surprise is KIV.

      W6 - 10 weekly LTN
      9U - 8 weekly STN
      5F (Air One) - 2 weekly SEN

      Total: 20!

    10. Anonymous18:43

      Ukraine's total population 40+ million.

    11. Anonymous18:49

      No problem. Lets take much smaller Albania - TIA. Non-EU:

      BA - 8 weekly LGW
      W6 - daily LTN
      BV - 3 weekly STN

      Total: 18 and bonus is flying to 3 London airports.

    12. Anonymous18:53

      It all depends where the country's diaspora is based. If you think Albania has so many flights because of booming tourism exchange with the UK, that certainly isn't the reason. Furthermore I assume many Albanians from the US use London to transfer to Tirana.

    13. Anonymous18:59

      No excuses when it comes to a city like London!
      Belgrade is a BIG city with over 1,6 million inhabitants and once a capital of an entire prosperous federation. There MUST be more London flights and more business, students, tourism with Britian. London has 6 airports and several within a 200km radius.
      Vinci must seriously consider the current London connections and start negotiating as soon as possible.

    14. Anonymous19:36

      Moldova has half the population that works in UK, Italy etc..

  5. Anonymous09:09

    Sto znaci da u flotu stize jos jedan A320.Pisalo se da odavno pokusavaju da dobiju slotove za Hitrou,ovo im je super ispalo. Jel neko zna koje je bilo vreme sletanja na Hitrou Jetovih aviona?

    1. Anonymous09:13

      пише у тексту, долазак у 1720, одлазак у 1945

    2. Anonymous09:21

      Znaci polazak iz Bg bi bio oko 15h. Odlicno vreme za transverne putnike iz prvog talasa.Mislim da ce vikend letove u 16h ukinuti,jer nije realno da imaju 2 leta u sat vremena. 2x dnevno je vise nego dovoljno.

    3. Nemjee09:34

      Мислим да је полазак планиран за 15.50 тако да ће возити, као и други летови, углавном локалне путнике. Лет стиже у Београд нешто пре поноћи тако да ће нудити преседања на летове који иду око 00.30 а то су Атина, Солун, Тирана и Скопље. Ова два лета морају остати јер у супротном ЈУ губи слот.

  6. Anonymous09:09

    Not bad at all and very good news for Serbia and UK citizens.
    JU must immediately seek new partners in LHR such as VS, DL, BA, AA. They must also consider sending the A330 on some occasions and increase the LHR capacity.
    Belgrade, as a 1,6 million city needs at least 5-7 daily flights to London. Most EU and non-EU capitals have at least 3 London airports connected.
    I think JU must also consider LGW - very important airport.

    1. Anonymous09:12

      A couple of years ago (I think it was 2011 or 2012) Jat introduced Gatwick because they couldn't get additional Heathrow slots. They could think about doing the same, although they don't need to now with these slots.

    2. Yes, you are right. The year was 2012. 2 weekly BEG-LGW.

      I still think this is possible. They can borrow the current Jet Airways LHR slots and recover those biweekly LGW slots.

  7. Anonymous09:10

    So JU was forced by EY to take up these slots at LHR so that they do not say dormant and have to be returned to the airport operator for free. EY themselves did not have any profitable use for them so they made JU take them.
    It will also wet lease JU an A320 to operate those flights which as with the rest of aircraft leases and services EY is providing JU it will be for a price way above current market levels.

    EY's "investment" in JU has proven the only successful one for them. Because they made a minimal investment and the GoS is forced to keep paying them every year in a myriad of ways for the privilege.
    All the risk is taken by us and the Emiratis all they have to do is send us bills for very expensive services and leases.
    Such a wonderful agreement was negotiated by our brilliant politicians back in 2013...

    1. Anonymous09:16

      Here come the spin doctors! Yes, Air Serbia will be flying extra daily flights empty and for no reason except to please their Emirati bosses. No way Etihad could've - gasp - SOLD those slots for tens of millions. SMFH

    2. Anonymous09:16

      This is ridiculous. There is plenty of airlines wanting additional slots there. They could lease it to anybody, no need to force JU.

    3. Nemjee09:29

      First of all, the leases for the two Etihad A319 have been re-negotiated and prices have been brought down to the industry standard, so there's that. Second of all, these new LHR flights will be operated by EY A320 and EY crew so JU's expenses here will be minimal.

      Finally, market between Belgrade and LHR has been steadily growing and there is definitely room for additional flights.

      2014: 84.066 passengers, 115 one-way per day.
      2015: 84.536 passengers, 116 one-way per day.
      2016: 88.509 passengers, 121 one-way per day.
      2017: 92.447 passengers, 127 one-way per day.

      In 2017 loads were really healthy meaning current number of flights is not enough and there is room for improvement. If we compare LHR with other airports we can see that the slot situation is limiting its growth potential. Here are some other numbers for 2017:

      BEG-FRA: 245.165
      BEG-VIE: 198.981
      BEG-ATH: 159.887
      BEG-AMS: 136.920
      BEG-MUC: 129.121
      BEG-SKG: 75.025

      I am sure LHR could perform much better than 92K passengers per year if JU had more slots or if BA entered the market.

    4. Anonymous09:45

      @Nemjee do you happen to have numbers for ZRH and CDG/BVA? What are the busiest routes out of Belgrade?

    5. Nemjee09:56

      I do not know what busiest routes are as I have to look for BEG individually in other EU countries' statistics. Here are the ones you asked for:

      2015: 328.934
      2016: 364.435
      2017: 368.915

      2015: 161.643
      2016: 158.189
      2017: 157.596

      2015: 41.359
      2016: 44.912
      2017: 47.323

      2015: 30.523
      2016: 32.247
      2017: 33.527

      CDG numbers in 2019 will be interesting with AF entering the market. Their loads were ok-ish at first (between 95 and 130 passengers) but these days they are flying full A320s... which is probably due to Easter holidays.

    6. Anonymous10:21

      Paris would be even higher if tickets were not crazy expensive on JU and Wizz.

    7. Anonymous10:40

      Wow. I am pleasantly surprised with ZRH numbers. I think they should come even closer to 400k with JU and Swiss increasing their flights.
      I hope ASL Airlines France will survive on the Paris route. They have tough competition but it seems they are a nice (and cheaper) airline.

    8. Anonymous10:40

      Wow look at ATH! It's ahead some much larger cities, really impressive. No surprised Aegean adding flights.

    9. Anonymous10:52

      Zurich is not surprising since LX is aggressively attracting transfer passengers. Nothing shocking, move on.

    10. Anonymous12:11

      Nemjee hello, do you have numbers for ZAG-LHR please? :)

    11. Anonymous12:21

      @anon 9:10
      You are absolutely right!
      It all seems as yet another "very good deal" with EY. Now they will really fly half empty to London most of the year. Hope they will offer more decent fares to us who fly the route directly from time to time. I can bet they will have 139 return trips to Larnaca or Athens ..
      Plus they will spend huge amounts of money on a plane they didn't need which will have 2h45min layover in LHR!

    12. Anonymous12:31

      @anon 12:21
      Ja ti mogu reći:
      2018: 140.534
      2017: 166.287

    13. Anonymous12:36

      Prethodni komentar je za @anon 12:11.

      Inače, naprometnija linija iz UK za Hrvatsku je Gatwick - Dubrovnik: 219.074.

    14. Anonymous12:37

      Last Anon was that for 12.21 or 12.11?

    15. Nemjee12:48

      Anon 10.40

      I think BEG-ZRH definitely hit 400.000 or at least it came really close to it. These are the 2018 available numbers:

      Q1+Q2 2017: 174.552
      Q1+Q2 2018: 184.985

      I am sure this positive trend continued in Q3 and Q4.

      Anon 12.11

      I am looking at all passengers on board, so the number is slightly different than the one written above. I guess his include non-rev passengers on board.

      2014: 161.477
      2015: 175.590
      2016: 177.914
      2017: 164.426

      The drop in passengers is not unexpected given that OU sold its slots. Numbers to AMS are much more worrisome since there were no major disruptions.

    16. Nemjee12:50

      Anon 12.36

      Are you sure? I see the following as top routes for 2017:

      ZAG-FRA 321.907
      ZAG-DXB 268.173
      DBV-ZAG 267.602

      In the fourth spot we have DBV-LGW.

    17. Nemjee12:50

      Sorry, my bad, you were referring to the UK from Croatia.

    18. Anonymous13:05

      Haha it's ok.
      I think AMS-BEG numbers drastically increased after Transavia entered the market. How is Wizz holding up? I am surprised they operate 4 weekly during the winter period as well. Before they used to reduce it to 2 weekly as early as early October.

      Also, I hope easyJet or Ryanair start flying to Belgrade from LON. Wizz iz doing very well. They had 51.346 (+9%) passengers from Luton in 2018 and started this year strongly.

    19. Nemjee13:23

      Do you remember when Transavia launched flights? Given the numbers I would say 2017?

      2015: 103.157
      2016: 110.372
      2017: 136.920

      01-08.2017: 86.454
      01-08.2018: 120.386

      Seems like this route is performing quite well. I also noticed that Transavia mostly sends its B738 to BEG, even in winter.

    20. Anonymous13:39

      Yes, in April 2017.

    21. Nemjee13:41

      Great, thanks!

  8. Anonymous09:16

    If you are flying in business class from Belgrade to London, aim for the Etihad equipment :D

    1. Anonymous09:23


    2. Anonymous09:27

      Taj avion ce biti preuredjen u konfiguraciju AS jer ce moci da se koristi i u prvom i cetvrtom talasu

    3. Nemjee09:30

      Авион неће бити преуређен што се види и на формулару где је исказан број седишта (136).

    4. Anonymous09:43

      Mozda ponovo krene ponocni let za Abu Dabi :)

    5. Nemjee09:59

      То би било одлично мада мислим да ће за сада овај авион летети искључиво за Лоднон. Мислим да је касно да се уводе неки нови летови за ову летњу сезону. Ко зна, можда се поноћни лет врати ове зиме. Надам се да ће неко сликати аеродром када три њихова А320 буду тамо у исто време. :D

    6. JATBEGMEL14:52

      I have a feeling this aircraft will stationed in BEG and operate on behalf of JU for other JU flights. EY ac and crew, JU uniform, flight and catering, exactly as it was when JU started with A6-SAA and - SAB. It'll probably operate a morning rotation, followed by the new LHR flight and this way free up an A319 for 3 charter rotations. I too think it's too late for EY to reschedule one of its flights to replace the old JU800 timings, especially since it'll mean rebooking a lot of pax, not to mention that the aircraft probably won't be back in time to make the flight and offer connections ex AUH.

  9. Anonymous09:27

    I also think they will probably stop those weekend flights and maybe just add them in August. So for most of the summer I presume they will fly double daily.

    1. Nemjee09:31

      They have to operate the two weekly flights otherwise they will lose the slots.

    2. I read somewhere that you have to use slots 8% of the time. I don't know if this relates to 8% of time every month or every year. Anyone knows more about this?

      BTW and just to illustrate how bad LHR slot situation is...There are numerous"ghost" flights every day. Planes taking off and landing every day with cree but no pax, no tickets even published for sale.

    3. SM, your data is completely incorrect. The LHR slot rules relate to usage of 80%. The 20% of cancellations can be for technical issues, unforseen circumstances or commercial reasons, but it is not 8%

      As for these 'ghost' flights, there has been occasions of this in the past, but now the flights without passengers are mainly either cargo flights, or aircraft positioning to maintenance based outside of LHR

  10. Anonymous09:36

    Finally some really positive news coming from Air Serbia this year.

    1. Anonymous09:40

      You obviously missed their expansion.

    2. Anonymous09:43

      ONLY good news!


      JU is actually now reaching the A3 levels when it comes to the service and network coverage.

    3. Anonymous09:43

      I didn't, that's why I said this year.

  11. My wild guess is that they will not stop using weekend slots. Otherwise, they could lose them. Besides, those are JU's slots, not leased, so it would be crazy to give them up. It would be crazy to give up any slots at Heathrow before the third runway is built and the slot congestion there is relieved. They could just reshuffle them if possible. Somehow, three daily flights to London Heathrow, does not seem like an overkill.

  12. Anonymous10:19

    This is good news.
    There is only a question, if Jet Airways is somehow revived with help of Etihad what will happen with these slots. Jet will probably want to get back at least some of them.

    1. Anonymous10:22

      No, relationship between Etihad and Jet was really bad by the end. Also it is highly unlikely Jet will come back from this bankruptcy.

    2. Anonymous10:44

      No, relationship between Etihad and former majority owner was really bad. One of requests by Etihad was for him to sell his stake. Things are very complicated now, Jet debts are huge but there are few interested parties for possible investments - EY with some banks is one of them.

  13. Anonymous10:28

    Congratulations to JU on this. It's tragic that they can make it in LHR but our beloved OU can't. EY is not a bad partner in the end.

  14. Does anybody know what LF on the actual BEG-LHR route is?

    1. Anonymous10:42

      From Nemjee post:

      2017: 92.447 passengers, 127 one-way per day

      If they use their A319 with 144 seats then it is 88% for the whole year. But they also use A320 many times in summer.

  15. Anonymous10:37

    They could lease this weekend slots, to someone else

  16. Anonymous10:41

    CEE + CIS carriers weekly frequencies to LHR:

    A3 - 22
    LO - 21
    JU - 16
    RO - 7
    FB - 6
    BT, OK - 0

    JU will be the leading airline in Eastern Europe and basically the first in the Balkans when it comes to Heathrow connectivity.
    We all know how important this is for the reputation.

    1. Anonymous10:43

      FYI A3 is also a Balkan carrier and so is TK but hey... let's not mention them. ;)

    2. Anonymous11:06

      He mendtionned A3.

    3. Anonymous11:17

      Read more carefully:

      'basically the first in the Balkans when it comes to Heathrow connectivity.'

    4. Anonymous11:27

      Yep, airline is worthless if they don't fly to LHR.

      Just compare those numbers to LCCs flight to LON...

    5. @10.41
      Very nice to know Croatia is part of Scandinavia. Their 5 LHR slots are with northern europe group I presume

    6. Anonymous17:49

      @Anon at 11:27

      Of course not, airline is not worthless if they don't fly to LHR. What makes Heathrow special is lack of runways and scarcity of slots. In other words, service to LHR compared to other London airports has that, what is the word I am looking for... oh yes, PRESTIGE! There it is, prestige is the word. Heathrow is like a Bugatti of aerodromes. It's rare, it's expensive, you have to wait to get it. Air Serbia will go there twice a day and on weekends three times a day! That's prestige in my opinion.

    7. Anonymous18:29

      Of course it is prestige.
      BT for example do not fly to LHR because they cannot afford it.
      9U, the same. They only fly from KIV-STN.

      OK have sold their LHR.

      In other words, you have to have the balls and legacy to be able to reach a prestigious ground such as LHR, where airlines are fiercly competiting just to get a sole slot.

    8. Anonymous19:46

      JU should give up LHR and go to Gatwick. Such a waste of money and nobody cares to which airport you fly. As far as I know JU is not part of One world allience hence no need to connect to network either.

    9. Anonymous19:50

      JU has a number of interlines with airlines from Heathrow to the US and many use this option when transferring from US cities to Belgrade.

    10. Anonymous08:37

      That is true. But combine low fares to US with companies like Virgin (many times 400€) and fact that JU is effectively a feeder who needs to pay 65 eur taxes in LHR and 23 eur in BEG - they are not really making money out of that.

    11. Anonymous09:03

      Many times =/= always or standard fare.
      Unless you have access to their revenue information you can't claim that they are not really making money.

    12. Anonymous08:46

      Unfortunately that is obvious from their financial reports. Without state aid that project would seriously loose money. Not happy about it.

    13. Anonymous14:27

      Every time there are good news about JU or BEG you are not happy about it. Tells a lot about you.

  17. Anonymous10:43

    Id like to hear if JU is about to take some of the Jet Airways fleet, they have an idela structure, including 77X, A332, A333, 73N, even AT76!

    1. Anonymous11:05

      Jet actually didn't own most of the fleet, it was leasing planes.

    2. Anonymous11:28

      A lot of Indian airlines are already taking up those aircraft from leasing companies.

  18. Anonymous12:08

    Dok neko prodaje slotove na LHR drugi iznajlmljuju dodatne...

    1. Anonymous12:35


    2. Anonymous16:27

      ... drugi ih uvaljuju trećima ;)

    3. Obicno se na prodaji zaradi a na najmu gubi, ali ko voli nek izvoli

    4. Anonymous17:32

      Those additional 7 weekly rotations will more than offset loss of planned Air Arabia SHA 4w and Eurowings STR 2w services. Overall BEG is still looking at a strong summer performace in terms of passenger growth.

    5. Anonymous17:39

      Све зависи колико се плаћа најам тих слогова. ;) ЈУ сигурно не плаћа јер ово више треба Етихаду него Ер Србији. Мени је смешно да неко покушава да прикаже продају слотова као бољу опцију од изнајмљивања... посебно када се има у виду да је лане ЈУ имао попуњеност од 88%.

    6. Anonymous09:33

      Ljubomora, sta ces...

  19. Anonymous13:48

    New LHR slots and 9 new routes are great but it does not hide the fact Air Serbia won't be having new long haul destinations in 2019. China and Toronto flights were not announced by now and it is clear they won't be flying this year. Another delayed and missed opportunity for Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous13:58

      It would be way too much to launch 9 new routes in Europe and long haul. I prefer it this way, strengthen European connections and then in 2020 go longhaul. I think they made a wise and smart choice.

    2. Anonymous14:48

      BTW, JU has signed bunch of new codeshares with AirEurope and AirBaltic

    3. Anonymous23:02

      Jos uvek nije kasno da se objave Toronto ili Peking za zimsku sezonu kad JFK smanje na 3-2X nedeljno,a za letnju 2020 sezonu stigne i drugi A330

    4. Anonymous08:44

      Hopefully they do not go down that way and expand transcontinental operations. We Serbian tax payers just don't need to support additional loss making operations like JFK

    5. Anonymous09:37

      AS povecava broj putnika,Vansi na osnovu toga drzavi placa 10-15ml evra godisnje koncesionu naknadu,drzava te pare ulozi u AS i svi su na dobitku!

    6. Anonymous10:48

      I sta imaju od toga poreski obveznici vlasnici aerodroma? I bez JU aerodrom moze da zaradi 25 mil. Plati 2.5 porez na dobit. Uplati u budzet 10+ miliona svake godine itd. Airserbia nije neophodna za uspesan aerodrom.

    7. Anonymous10:59

      Poreski obaveznici nemaju nista indirektno ali nista i ne gube. Opet dolazimo do toga sta je starije,kokoska ili jeaje? Da nije AS da li bi Vansi platio 1.5 mlr evra za koncesiju i da li bi uopste usao u trku? Da nije AS da li bi se saobracaj za 5 godina skoro utrostrucio na Tesli? Da nije AS da li bi ostale avio kompanije povecale broj letova za BG? I na kraju mnogi zaposleni direktno i indirektno u AS primaju plate ciji porezi se slivaju u budzet a da ne spominjem kolko se para slije u budzet od turista i gastosa koji dolaze avionom u Srbiju.

    8. Anonymous11:00

      Није али без ње аеродром никада не би имао све те трансферне путнике који плаћају аеродромску таксу и који троше паре док чекају следећи лет. Исто тако без ЈУ Београд не би имао летове ка Скопљу, Тирани, Загребу, Дубровнику, Пули, Ријеци, Кијеву, Солуну, Бејруту, Каиру.... дакле аеродром и те како има користи од Ер Србије а самим тим и држава и њени порески обвезници.

    9. Anonymous11:43

      Bez JU ne bi bilo jos ni letova ka Krasnodarsku, Helsinkiju, Njujorku, Briselu, Pragu, Madridu, Kopenhagenu, Hamburgu, Dizeldorfu, Sofiji, Milanu, Banja Luci, Sarajevu, Zadru, Nici, Stutgartu, Veneciji, Sankt Petersburgu, Ljubljani

    10. Anonymous08:52

      Da je bilo pameti i hrabrosti pre 10 god sada bi imali vec preko 8 miliona putnika i 100 destinacije, 2-3 low cost baze i sve glavne legacy carriers. Jata bi se secali u muzejima vazduhoplovstva i Jugoslavije. Bez nacionalne konpanije koja pojede silne pare a kao nesto "kreira".

    11. Anonymous14:18

      Mnogo puta je detaljno pokazano da je ta varijanta daleko gora po aerodrom jer ne bi bilo ni blizu tokilo putnika, ne bi bilo ulaganja u aerodrom i ne bi bilo dobro po avijaciju u zemlji. Kraj Er Srbije prizeljkuju LH, Wizz i ljubomorne komsije pa je jasno kakvi su njihovi interesi. Da bi dokazali da vasa ideja ima smisla, ubedite OU da ide u bankrot umesto privatizaciju.

  20. Anonymous20:49

    BEG definitrly needs flights to LGW and i hope Easyjet will consider it..Now that their A321s are freeing up more A320s A319s it s a good opportunity...Good news for BEG and LJU where the CDG route is concerned too.The AF daily to BEG will continue the same in winter too with 320..Also CDG-LJU will from 6 to 13w!

    1. Anonymous02:25

      Easyjet should fly from Stansted !

    2. Anonymous08:54

      Easyeas to Paris and London would be a game changer and finally bring us affordable flying to these two.

  21. Lol. new JU network planning director is british who used to work in british airways and in easyjet. i am dying to see how much money is this shenanigans draining

    1. Nemjee21:59

      Sorry but this had nothing to do with him.

    2. Anonymous22:35

      Something negative needs to be found especially as the main topic of today's article is positive for JU

    3. Anonymous23:20

      lol, Peter is late to the party and can't figure out who's who. Air Serbia is doing a service to Etihad by keeping LHR slots busy for the summer. Air Serbia will make more money as it will almost double the capacity and it will have more transfer options from BEG.

    4. Anonymous00:10

      Will there also be some new frequencies beyond LHR?
      Or will the 320 free up own 319 capacity for charters?

    5. Anonymous04:33

      I think it's too late to employ it anywhere, maybe they will use it as a spare? This is good for Etihad, they have too many aircraft anyway.

    6. Anonymous08:58

      Definitely benefiting EY only. Not sure how they can sell significant number of additional seats without heavy discounts - no profit with their price structure effectively.

    7. Anonymous09:05

      Since you are not sure go up and look at booming passenger numbers from BEG to LHR and JU's average LF in 2017 of 88%. So are you still sure there is no way to sell more seats without heavy discounts?

    8. Anonymous09:34

      Petar, it looks like you are ex Jat Airways employee who did not get the chance in Air Serbia.
      So much hate is really not good

    9. Anonymous10:44

      Who is Petar?!

    10. Anonymous17:23

      There is no firm evidence but some people say person behind that alias is a budding aviation conference entrepreneur with a chip on his shoulder against Air Serbia. Take it with a grain of salt.

    11. whoa! how can i be vojnovic when i constantly get pissed reading purger? also, for a short while i was banned on t6 because of too much "vlaisavljevic manafer of the century award" articles

    12. Btw, if JU is babysitting those slots for EY, then at least it should be well below the market condition prices, otherwise JU is getting ripped. No exyu company has that much inylterest to fly to uk

    13. Anonymous23:20

      I know the new network planning director very well, and I can say that he sometimes reads these forums and finds the variety of speculative theories on here a very interesting read.
      But that there are so many misguided opinions claiming to 'know the real story'...

  22. Anonymous09:25

    It should not be forgotten that some time ago JU asked for additional slots on LHR and was rejected. There is no doubt these slots are needed and in this case JU actually got the best possible option...Getting news lots not possible, buying these slots even less possible but paying affordable price for using it during the summer season only - it is bingo for Air Serbia!

    1. Anonymous11:36

      Exactly. Jealous reaction is the best indication haters can't handle good news for Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous12:44

      JU is doing a favour for EY. Those slots won't come gratis.
      EY can no longer be trusted after all the chaos they caused and the destruction of Europe's best airlines. After the finalising of this 5 year contract, JU must look elsewhere or joint-venture with a bigger and healthier airline for its own, good sake.

    3. Anonymous12:52

      You do realize JU had a LF of 88% to LHR, they applied for more slots but were turned down. So now them getting what they wanted is somehow a bad thing? You are delusional.

    4. Anonymous12:52

      Alitalia was Europe's best airline?

    5. Anonymous13:03

      EY could've taken those slots for itself and increase AUH-LHR with those good slot timings. JU will have to pay back for those slots, sooner or later. There is no free lunch.
      Besides, this means that at least 1 or 2 current destinations will be affected because they will lack metal to fly to Britain.
      They need to have at least 2 aircraft available everyday and London is not close.

      Anon 12:52h AZ used to be the best. Remember when MXP was their base? They used to fly everywhere.
      You also forgot AB and how big and important it was, especially in TXL.

    6. Anonymous13:05

      Have you flown with Alitalia? They were a joke of an airline. Etihad actually improved their on board product and punctuality significantly.

      Also I suggest you read the text. The flight will be operated by an Etihad A320.

    7. Anonymous13:41

      JU needs these slots. EY has too many seats to London so no point in adding more. You do rralire this is a positive thing, right? EY is sending the plane and crew while JU collects the revenue.

      JU had a strong negotiating position. After all, CDG is 14, AMS is 10 so why not LHR at 14?

    8. Anonymous13:54

      If JU adds those extra LHR flights it will not be able to cope with the future summer expansion of 9 routes simply because there will be not enough planes to cover everything.
      The solo posibility is a long term lease of another A319 or A320.

    9. Anonymous13:58

      Why was it a problem for you to read that EY will operate these flights with their own plane?

      " A 136-seat Etihad Airways Airbus A320 is expected to be deployed on the service on behalf of Air Serbia."

      Or you tried desperately to find any "argument" that this is a bad deal for JU?

    10. Anonymous14:14

      Hahahahah can't you understand that he is having a nervous breakdown, Bromazepan has not kicked in yet.

    11. Anonymous15:20

      It will not be a free service. We all know about Arab generosity. Why would they also sacrifice one of their A320s if they are sending them massively to Europe rather than classy 787?
      Nah, it all sounds way too fishy. Just like the boutique airline in 2013.
      Serbia must be cautious this time.

    12. Anonymous15:35

      And who said it will be free?
      In any case it will be more profitable for JU than buying new slots at LHR or not taking these slots at all.
      It needs to be win-win situation for both sides and it looks like it is.
      This is not anymore 2013 - neither is JU weak Jat Airways nor is EY in such a strong position to to command to poor Jat what needs to be done.

    13. Anonymous15:36

      What's cheaper for EY? Have JU use its slot or lose it completely?

    14. JATBEGMEL16:02

      @ anonymous 15,36

      EY paid 9W USD$70 million for their slots, so I doubt EY would want for their slots to be taken away because theyre not being used.

      Besides, its easier for JU to just up the frequencies to LHR rather than EY increasing, considering they have another flight just over an hour later.

      @anonymous 15,20

      apprently EY have 2 A320's stored (A6-EIF and -EIG) since february so it is possible that one of the 2 will arrive. EY in fact have stored quite a few aircraft and I doubt theyve found new homes for them. Besides, JU can do with the extra capacity as I doubt the CRJ coming in will be enough to cover their amitious schedule this summer.

      This looks like a win situation for JU as EY isnt in a possition to overcharge JU as JU could simply refuse like the AZ ERJ's leaving EY with multimillion dollar slots theyll lose especially considering their dire financial state.

    15. Nemjee16:39

      They also stored/retired their A319s. I think this is a great development for JU and it will definitely help them raise additional revenue which is their main problem. That said, with these extra flights I don't think BA will consider ever returning to Belgrade.

    16. Anonymous19:33

      Stored A319s could help JU to increase even more its flights network

    17. Anonymous20:24

      An A319 does not have a great capacity for an airport like LHR but still is something.
      I still have my doubts about this EY LHR slot move. They could have also transferred them to HM. There will be much more demand and revenue on the SEZ-LHR route for instance.

    18. Anonymous21:09

      Do you know that SEZ-LHR route is more than 8000 km and that route is for wide-body plane?

    19. Anonymous21:37

      With 10 tickets SEZ-LHR you buy an entire A319 BEG-LHR.

    20. Anonymous22:16

      Anon 21.37

      Are you drunk? Are you seriously proposing to operate a ten hour flight from SEZ to LHR with an A320 with 10 passengers?

    21. Anonymous23:10

      You don't understand....

      SEZ-LHR operated by HM A330 - you sell 10 tickets and this is the equivalent of an entire BEG-LHR A319 flight.
      Why? Because the average price SEZ-LHR will be 750€ and average BEG-LHR 120€.
      As I mentioned, there is something extremely fishy about this EY-JU LHR deal

    22. Anonymous23:56

      A kolike su takse na Hitrou za A330 i koliko goriva proguta za 8000km u odnosu na A319 na 2100km?Losa ti ta racunica

    23. JATBEGMEL00:57

      1) HM doesnt have anymore A330's in their fleet which would mean leasing in the type.
      2) For HM to do such a rotation it would require 2 A330's since the sectors are above 10 hours.
      3) A330 lease is more expensive than a A320 lease.
      4) JU can use an extra A320, HM doesnt need the A330.
      5) It is easier for JU to sell tickets to LHR than it would be for HM. After all, BEG is a hub, SEZ is not.
      6) expenses alone shows more justification for JU to utilise the slots rather than HM.

    24. Anonymous08:19

      Average LF of 88% shows there is enough demand to add flights. I think the other Anon is trolling.

  23. Anonymous19:51

    Naj bolja varijanta bi bila da vrate nocni let za Abu Dabi. Tako bi taj avion bio uposljen 100%

    1. Anonymous21:27

      Slazem se

    2. Anonymous17:10

      Da li postoji prostor za tri dnevna leta za Abu Dabi?

  24. Anonymous11:27

    For those who understand Serbian, very good commentary by a leading economic journalist on the new JU/Etihad Heathrow saga.


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