Croatia Airlines to launch "taste" campaign in 2020


The Croatian national carrier will launch a new campaign entitled Croatia Airlines Full of Taste in cooperation with the Croatia National Tourist Board at the start of the 2020 summer season next April. “The Croatia Airlines Full of Taste project will be a gastronomic and enological presentation of Croatia on our aircraft. We will work together with renowned Croatian chefs, restaurants, wineries, wholesalers, and other local producers of autochthonous Croatian products", the carrier's CEO, Jasmin Bajić, said. He added, "Every six months, in summer and winter, we will completely change our on board menus and their visual presentation in accordance with the various concepts of the Croatian gastronomic map, in order to further elevate the passenger experience". Croatia Airlines rolled out new on board meals for its premium travellers today.


  1. Usually I am very critical about OU, I am sure they should have done much much more and should have been much bigger and more important and more developed and with much larger destination map and more productive and better managed and with much better financial results, having in mind Croatian tourism, diaspora and geographical position. But their n-flight-service part is really good, I must admit it. Yesterday I flew ZAG to OSL,, plane was CRJ Air Nostrum in OU livery. Flight took off on time. Had very very very nice and professional cabin crew, mixed, one Spanish and one Croatian. Also excellent service, with double drinks offered and snack box containing dalmatian prosciutto, integral crackers, cheese in olive oil, green olives paste and caramelised almonds. For economy, compared to most others, much more famous, really really good. Plus additional payable offer afterwards. So for yesterday's flight, I can just say thanks and congratulations.

    1. Što lete izravno ZAG-OSL?

    2. Pa da, to su otvorili mislim prosle godine : Stockholm, Oslo Helsinki i Bucharest, sve direktno i nonstop iz ZAG

  2. Anonymous13:07

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous15:42

    Sounds like a new way of injecting money to Croatia Airlines ;)


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