Adria wet-leases Embraer jet


Adria Airways has wet-leased an Embraer E190 aircraft from Germany’s WDL Aviation. Registered D-ACJJ, the twelve-year-old jet has been in use by the Slovenian carrier since September 12. It has so far been utilised on flights from Ljubljana to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Podgorica and Amsterdam. It replaces a British Aerospace 146 jet which was wet-leased by Adria from the same German carrier until last Saturday.


  1. Anonymous10:49

    It's fun to read all news from Adria, very dynamic company :) :)
    Now it's not decent telenovela anymore, but just as fragments from previous & next episodes :)

    1. Anonymous11:20

      Incredible story. The CAA is doing a great job.

    2. Anonymous12:25

      Pitanje je sto AS ne iznajmi od njih E190 i zaista pojaca lokalnu mrezu. Atr moraju da zamene sa novijim za vecinu letova, ali im treba neki kao e190 za malo dalje destinacije.


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