Korean Air reduces Zagreb winter capacity


Korean Air will make a slight reduction in capacity on its flights between Seoul and Zagreb this coming winter season. The airline initially planned to operate three weekly services between the two capital cities with its 269-seat Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner jet but has now scheduled the 218-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft instead. During the 2018/19 winter season, the route was maintained by the 261-seat Boeing 777-200ER aircraft from late October, before being replaced by the B787-9 from January. Korean Air will continue to operate its Croatia service with a Seoul – Zagreb – Zurich – Seoul triangular routing during the winter months. It does not hold rights to sell tickets on the intra-European sector.


  1. Anonymous13:56

    Why is this?

  2. Anonymous14:24

    I think this is because there is too much competition in Zurich so they couldn't fill their share. Maybe it's time for KE IS fly solo to Zagreb

    1. Anonymous14:49

      If they reduce price from/to ZAG, they would easily fill some bigger bird, but that is not KE plan. So no, there is no need for ZAG direct year round.

  3. Anonymous14:24

    Strange that Zürich cannot sustain the capacity. Even VIE is changed to the 330 from 777.

    1. Anonymous14:35

      Zurich is extremely competitive especially since connections via Munich are extremely convenient.

    2. Anonymous14:45

      Switzerland is about to enter a recession.

    3. Anonymous15:12

      Why do you think that is happening because of ZRH and not because of ZAG?

    4. Anonymous15:27

      Look at the number of Korean tourists in Croatia and you will see why. #facts

    5. Anonymous18:38

      Not sure what is really behind all that if they reduce capacity altogether to ZRH, VIE and ZAG at the same time. Maybe more capacity needed for warmer destinations in winter such as Hawaii, Australia or other South Asian destinations?

  4. Anonymous14:48

    They had horrible LF last winter on this route. KE is way too expensive, u can guys check it online. Even during the winter when there is no direct line from ZAG to ICN, they keep the same price. So koreans use LOT, Qatar, Fly Dubai, Turkish, etc, end they are mostly more than half cheaper than KE.

  5. Anonymous15:11

    It looks like the demand is lower than expected in that part of the year.

    Anyhow not good news for ZAG...No new routes for next winter and now even KE downgrades from Boeing 787-9 / 777-300ER to A332

  6. Anonymous15:30

    Man ZAG just can't catch a break in winter. What else has to happen before a new management is appointed.

  7. Since 2014, number of Korean tourists in Croatia increased to 400 000 per year.Now is time of stagnation not only because Korean visitors lost interest in travel to Europe during Winter time, also a some of big Korean travel agencies coping with financial problems and bad reputation after tragedy in Budapest.

  8. Anonymous20:09

    The Amadeus-GDS shows the following cheapest possible RT-Fares from its European destinations to Seoul (in Euro):

    SVO 544,20
    MAD 578,54
    MXP 590,84
    CDG 597,12
    FCO 647,62
    AMS 650,53
    ZRH 651,89
    IST 712,92
    LHR 742,27
    PRG 789,01
    BCN 854,47
    VIE 927,70
    ZAG 938,53

    Swiss and Croatian passengers use the same KE-plane to Seoul. Why is the fare ex ZRH that much cheaper compared to the fare ex ZAG ?

    1. Anonymous20:12

      Edit: ... cheapest possible KE - round trip - fares ...

    2. Anonymous21:05

      Makes sense, don't people write on here how ZAG is a premium airport with only fancy airlines?

  9. Anonymous20:14

    Edit(2): ... ZAG 928,53


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