Saudia hiring in Belgrade


Saudi Arabian Airlines is hiring Serbian cabin crew members. The carrier will host an open day on October 1 and 2 at the Metropol Palace Hotel (Kralja Aleksandra 69) from 11.00 CEST. Requirements include age between twenty and thirty years, arm reach of 212 cm on tip toes, as well as high school education and an intermediate knowledge of English. Some of the benefits being offered are a tax-free salary, medical treatment and insurance, as well as discount or free of charge tickets. Those interested in attending the open day must bring with them four passport photos, an English CV, passport and their highest education diploma (translated in English). No prior registration is required. The carrier, as well as its low cost offshoot flyadeal, have been hiring an increasing number of Serbian nationals, both among pilots and cabin crew. Air Serbia’s former CEO, Dane Kondić, now serves as Saudia’s Chief Commercial Officer.


  1. Anonymous14:27

    In Serbia it's called hiring, in Bosnia it's called Saudi-influence.

  2. Anonymous15:47

    Saudia is a good airline if you are willing to blend in.
    No alcohol, segregation of genders, thats all doable if you have self discipline and yes there are a lot of people that can bear that !
    Thus i wish them well and best greetings to all Saudia staff, not only Serbian but everyone !

  3. Anonymous02:05

    Please lead the way!

  4. Anonymous03:02

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will for the first time in its history issue tourist visa .
    I would like to see Saudia or even their daughter company Flyadeal start flying to Belgrade !

    It would be wonderful if the Serbian government would make visa access easier for visitors from the Kingdom if they have booked with a travel agency .

    1. Anonymous08:09

      Are daughters allowed to fly there? :)

    2. Anonymous16:38

      As much as i know women will be allowed to travel freely without male company ...

  5. Happy to see Denny Kondic on such high position
    In Saudia.
    Rodney Marinkovic. ✈🌍✈🔆💒🔅✈🌐✈

    1. Dear Rodoljub, It's Dane Kondic, not Denny Kondic.


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