TRIP REPORT: Croatia Airlines, Helsinki - Split via Zagreb


Written by Finn

We flew between Helsinki and Zagreb a few weeks ago and had an onward connection to Split, all with Croatia Airlines. The first sector of the flight was actually operated by an Air Nostrum CRJ1000 aircraft. This jet was surprisingly young. The domestic sector was operated by a 19 year old A319.

Croatia Airlines has online check in so we did it via our mobile phones and were allowed to choose seats free-of-charge. A mobile boarding pass was provided and there was no need to print anything. Because we were travelling with cabin luggage only, we just proceeded to the security checks.

As I said above, the Air Nostrum CRJ1000 was brand new. The A319 between Zagreb and Split was in good condition so you wouldn't think it is almost 20 years old.

The cabin crew on both flights were neither rude nor particularly friendly either. On the flight from Zagreb to Split there was no welcome announcement and the crew didn't speak much at all. In contrast, the pilot gave us a plenty of info about the flight.

The cabin on the CRJ1000 was comfortable with leather seats and a 2-2 configuration. The flight wasn't that full so it was pleasant. We were served a complimentary meal, which included prosciutto and cheese. This was nice but the prosciutto was extremely salty and the cabin crew served water after they distributed everyone their meal so that was a bit unpleasant. Anyway, any complimentary snack nowadays is better than nothing.

Regarding the domestic flight, the A319 was clean and looked newer than expected from its many years of service. Seats were thin and spacious enough. There were also information screens but they were too small and quite far away from some of the seats and the display quality was poor. We didn't even see the full safety demonstration because the screens were not working properly.

Overall, Croatia Airlines gives you enough value for money. It is a good airline but not the best we have flown with. In its category, it performs really well.

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  1. Anonymous09:42

    That flight from HEL looks emptyish. Goes to show how much OU needs to expand its regional network to make sure routes work from ZAG.

    How was the load to SPU?

    1. When I was traveling from Vancouver British Columbia Canada Via Calgary to Frankfurt by Air Transat it was only 15 pax in Vancouver while majority passengers boarded in Calgary, this route seems to be something similar to that.

    2. Anonymous14:50

      Very unsimilar

    3. Anonymous15:36

      That was still on the same plane with a stop, this was a typical transfer arrangement where planes were changed, from a CRJ to an A319.

  2. Anonymous10:02

    "the display quality was poor."

    A lot of people seem to be complaining about this. Is it so difficult for them to fix?

    1. Anonymous15:22

      With a remote control, very easy to fix, even the screen replaxement takes 5min.


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