Air Serbia marks passenger milestone


Air Serbia welcomed its fifteenth million passenger yesterday since relaunching operations under its new name six years ago. “We are very proud to have carried as many as fifteen million guests during the six years of operation under the name of Air Serbia. This is another great and significant result of this year in which we have expanded our international network with the largest number of destinations so far - as many as nine more from Belgrade and twelve from our new home airport in Niš. We are grateful to our guests for their confidence and we are ready for further expansion, in order to accommodate many more millions of satisfied guests in the coming years”, Air Serbia's CEO, Duncan Naysmith, said. The fifteenth millionth traveller was departing on a flight from Belgrade to Frankfurt. She received two return tickets to a destination of her choice within the airline’s network.


  1. Anonymous11:07

    So 3 million this year easy.

  2. Anonymous11:15

    Air Serbia expanding is the best thing that happened to BEG!

  3. Anonymous11:29

    JU slowly started loading summer timetable and we have BCN 3 from June already. On top of that we also have daily LO and sixth flight on Transavia.

    For now that's 9 more weekly flights than last year. Let's see what else is added.

    Also AF changed its timetable, now they depart CDG same time as JU :/

    1. Anonymous11:34

      Plus EW with three flights from STR, they were moved from early June to late May! :D

      So that's 12 extra flights so far for next summer!

    2. Anonymous11:51

      Znaci 6.5 i preko 2020. godine

  4. Anonymous12:03


  5. Anonymous13:59

    I'm asking myself how they find exactly the 15.000.000 passenger. Is it a subjective or objective measurement?

    1. Anonymous14:08

      I would say 15th millionth checked in passanger.

    2. Anonymous23:39

      The airport I work at they chose a random passenger the day they would pass X passengers. So not really accurate.

    3. Anonymous01:30

      How random is random?


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