Jat Tehnika becomes Superjet maintenance centre


Serbian aircraft maintenance specialist Jat Tehnika has become Europe’s first maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organisation to win approval for the line and base maintenance of the Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The company said it secured EASA Part 145 approval for the type on November 12. The approval covers its Belgrade base and its line stations at other airports. The CEO of Jat Tehnika, Miroslav Musulin, said, “Jat Tehnika continues its strategic goal to be among the most advanced MRO players in the market for state-of-the-art aircraft such as the Boeing MAX, the Airbus neo and now the Superjet 100”. The company said approval was achieved “with the support of SuperJet International in terms of necessary personnel training, spares and technical services”. The CEO of SuperJet International, Stedano Marazzani, said the partnership with Jat Tehnika will “give greater access to flexible maintenance services” for SSJ100 operators. Jat Tehnika was sold to the Czech Avia Prime Group last week.

Air Serbia is considering ordering SSJ100s and Irkut MC-21 aircraft according to the First Deputy Head of the Russian Government Office, Sergei Prikhodko. The Serbian carrier itself has not commented on the matter. According to Mr Prikhodko, the deal would likely include the establishment of an SSJ100 after-sales service centre which would be jointly managed by Jat Tehnika and plane-maker United Aircraft Corporation.


  1. Anonymous11:15

    Jesus, hopefully this is not a sign Russian Jets are coming to Air Serbia.

    1. Anonymous11:33

      Russian jets are just fine,
      or you would prefer a Boeing 737max?

    2. Anonymous11:44

      I would prefer anything over Russian jets. I mean, every foreign carrier that took them, returned them in the end because they were too expensive to operate due to no spare parts and regular engine failures.

    3. Anonymous13:27

      Better than being totally grounded after two fatal crashes.

    4. Anonymous13:56

      There are 2 general rules in aviation:

      -don't buy plane that have habit of falling from the sky
      -don't buy plane that stays on ground when it should be flying

      Both are bad for business ;)
      Can you stop with this ridiculous 3-karte-za-holivud style discussion?

  2. Anonymous11:38

    One SSJ100 from CityJet came last week to Belgrade.

    1. Anonymous11:54

      So JU is going to be a Sukhoi operador!

    2. Anonymous11:59

      CityJet does not operate SSJ100 anymore.

    3. Anonymous12:00

      It was EI-FWB .. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/ei-fwb

    4. Anonymous12:11

      If you check both AirFleet or PlaneSpotters you will find out that EI-FWB hast status "stored". Or you can find additional details:

      wfu 7 Jan 2019
      std at SNN 22 Mar - 26 Nov 2019
      std at BEG 26 Nov 2019

      So, plane is not in use (wfu- witdrawn from use) from January 7th, 2019. It was stored since then, now it is in Belgrade.
      Again, CityJet does not operate any of SSJ100 anymore.

    5. Anonymous13:36

      Still, it is interesting to see it landing at BEG. Is it for regular maintenance before a lnew easing or to be further stored in Belgrade?

    6. Anonymous14:18

      Last anon, ...or operated in BEG :)

  3. Didn't CityJet say a few days ago they are selling their SSJ's?

    1. Anonymous23:36

      What do you think who is buying?

    2. Anonymous13:33


  4. Anonymous16:05

    Great business. Could they become the maintenance centre of the Fokker70 or the B-717? The Tu-214 maybe? All of those are types are as much popular as the SSJ which would be great benefit and financial success for JAT Tehnika.

    1. Anonymous16:17

      Why not?

      You jealous?

    2. Anonymous02:52

      Yep, totally jealous of this fantastic type which conquered the world. Not.

    3. Anonymous09:57

      Actually, it's none of your business.

  5. Anonymous17:44

    They should slowly shift focus on scrap business. That is where SSJ is going.

  6. Anonymous21:49

    That is VERY bad news for Air Serbia!

    1. Anonymous05:44

      People always write that yet JU keeps on thriving.

    2. Dejan10:24

      They won't be "thriving" for much konger if they get the SSj....

    3. Anonymous11:21

      Like Aeroflot.

    4. Anonymous14:25

      Yes, Aeroflot can afford to fly some SSjs because:

      They get subsidies from the state.
      They get the money other airlines pay for overflying Russian airspace
      They are obligated by the state to operate SSjs or any other local airliner.
      They have Airbus and Boeing aircraft to fly something like 98% of their flights and so they can have some SSjs lying around
      They are much closer and they can pressure much more Sukhoi to supply them with spares.

    5. Anonymous22:19

      Now other will be able to 'pressure' Sukhoi for spares since the only base will be in Belgrade.

  7. Anonymous14:31

    These reactions to Russian-built aircraft are almost sickening both due to their apparent religiousness and ignorance of facts.

    Russian aircraft have never be sub-par in terms of safety and operational reliability. Ask that any aviation expert. They were in terms of economics and comfort. Russia and ex-Soviet Union holds numerous records in civil aviation. US still flies with Russian engines into the space.

    The aircraft we're now talking about has 50/50 Russian and French engines as well as many other Western spare parts. Superjet is marketed out of Italy.

    So who is to blame?

    The engine issues that all known new types experience (777X delay two years, A380, 787, LEAP...) are due to parts produced by Safran from France. SSJ is a totally new type.

    So how can we attribute blame to a single coutry or manufactur?

    That said with all the issues combined and with modest sales SSJ has been flying safely for years with no know crashes due to technical faults.

    We can't say that about a Western type across the pond which you all conveniently choose to ignore.

    1. Anonymous17:29

      Plenty of successful airlines operating western types are existing. Not a single successful airline exists with russian types. Everything else is just blah-blah-blah.

    2. Anonymous19:45

      There is a big difference in issues between Sam146 engine (used in SSJ) and other new engines. Additionally, issue with Sam146 is lasting for almost 10 years with no fix and it will be never fixed. They are trying to develop new engine, fully "made in Russia" but it is still not finished.
      For other airplanes, you usually have choice between 2 engines types, and you have a choice and leverage, and manufacturer is paying penalties to airlines.

    3. Anonymous22:39

      400 deaths from auto-pilot error is hardly bla-bla. Try telling that to the families.

    4. Anonymous22:52

      This is where opinions are based on news articles without basic understanding how insttutions work. Reason why MAX is grounded is reason why DC10 was grounded, 727 was grounded, A300 was grounded. Institutions work their job and they can tell Boing: nope, you will not fly until you resolve issue. In Russia that does not exist. Grounding plane is n mind of politicians show of weakness of Russian state. There is a reason why no one wants to fly SSJ. No one makes companies to buy Boeing or Airbus. Actually MAX is very good example that one cannot make company buy them, as obviously Airbus is gaining in orders. MAX issues will be resolved (and MAX issues are not related to auto pilot) and MAX will fly again. I would not be so confident issues on SSJ will be resolved in timely manner and there are no enough pages here to write underlying reasons for such development.

    5. Anonymous02:32

      Well, unless you're blind you'd see SSJ is well and being flying for some time even to your airport ZAG or BUD in the region.

      To further show your ignorance, yes, MCAS is part of auto-pilot system. How else would you call it?

      Third. FAA issued a licence for a faulty plane and US was the last country on Earth to ground the MAX. Non-politics involved?

      There were never whatsoever reasons to ground the SSJ.

      All things considered you seem to be in another universe and I would be much more worried about your state of mind than SSJ airworthiness.

    6. Anonymous05:36

      OK, we will see how this ends up. As for MCAS, I was referring to larger design issue.

    7. Anonymous07:56

      Fact that there are other bad solutions for airplane doesn't justify purchase of SSJ.
      Aeroflot must fly them because its order from government, they have a stock of spare airplanes, engines, etc. in order to keep this fleet operational.
      There are tons of materials about issues & operational efficiency, even on Russian sites. There is also a reason why those issues will never be fixed and Sukhoi is trying to develop new version of plane with different engine and some parts.

    8. Anonymous09:49

      The thing we're discussing here is not SSJ being less or more wrong but the whole Russian aviation sector which is certainly not true. Certainly, setting MRO for it and possibly for other Russian next-generation models is a step in a good direction.

    9. Anonymous12:56

      Well, article is about SSJ not about Russian aviation sector aspirations for next century.

    10. Anonymous00:59

      Then don't forget about its Western side.


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