Adria Tehnika owner acquires Jat Tehnika

Avia Prime, the Czech owner of Slovenian maintenance provider Adria Tehnika and Poland’s Linetech, has won a tender to acquire a 99% stake in Belgrade-based Jat Tehnika. Following the transaction, the Avia Prime Group will become one of the key players on the European MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) market, offering a comprehensive range of services. Avia Prime is one of the fastest-growing and biggest MROs in Europe. Its territorial coverage will grow after the addition of Jat Tehnika, with the company covering the entire continent, offering heavy maintenance in five bases. The customer portfolio will also grow significantly, given the fact that different operators maintain multiple aircraft types in Avia Prime facilities. The total slot count for narrow-body aircraft will go up to 34, along with three independent wide-body slots. The hangar space will exceed 50 000 square metres, 20.000 of which come from Jat Tehnika alone. Last year, Avia Prime logged over 1.2 million man-hours with around 300 heavy checks. This number should reach three million after the addition of Jat Tehnika. Avia Prime will support 34 independent base maintenance lines. The group is a maintenance provider to a number of airlines and operators in Europe and Asia, including Lufthansa, SAS, easyJet, Finnair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, TUI, Edelweiss, Swiss, Brussels Airlines, Arkia Israeli Airlines, Austrian, Laudamotion and Volotea.

Jat Tehnika is based at Nikola Tesla Airport where it operates in two hangars. The bigger facility can accommodate the biggest code E aircraft. The company holds EASA PART-145 and FAA FAR 145 certificates along with a European Design Certificate, EASA PART-21J. Jat Tehnika has modern workshops that cover virtually all base maintenance needs such as composite and structural repair, engine shop with a dedicated test cell and more.


  1. Anonymous11:22

    This deal smells full of corruption!

  2. interesting. i hate when i see that company has a rapid expansion like Avia Prime. hope this turns into successful story

    wondering if they will now wind down JU tech and start transferring people to JATT?

    also interesting is that they had 1,2 mil of manhours with JATT they count to reach 3 mil, meaning more than 50% of job will come from JATT... or JATT is very unefficient and doesn't clock the manpower properly

  3. Anonymous14:51

    is there anybody that knows the market?

    if avia prime will be one of the biggest european player, how large is it compared to lufthansa technik or some other of the traditional players? i thought that lh technik had 50.000 sqm in sofia alone, and that is not one of their large locations...

  4. Anonymous16:27

    SSJ type rated

  5. Tako nam i treba. Uništavaj svoje i prodavaj strancima

    1. Anonymous08:42

      Whether a company's ownership is foreign or not does not matter in a market economy. At the end of the day, this foreign owned company pays taxes and provides jobs.

  6. Anonymous22:29

    Keep going Slovenia!


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