Kosovo and Qatar discuss potential flights


The Ambassador of Kosovo to Qatar, Amir Ahmeti, has held talks with the President and CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, over potential services between Doha and Pristina. There are currently no nonstop flights from Kosovo to the Gulf, with Air Arabia operating a short-lived service between Sharjah and Pristina several years ago. Qatar and Kosovo inked an Open Skies Agreement in 2015, enabling an unlimited number of passenger and cargo flights with full traffic rights between the two. Qatar Airways currently maintains operations to Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje and Zagreb in the former Yugoslavia with seasonal services to Dubrovnik to launch next year.


  1. Anonymous14:07

    Hope not as their SKP flights are already performing poorly. If they launch PRN it would make it even worse

    1. Anonymous14:26

      lol as if you know.

    2. Anonymous14:27

      and do you really think they will canabalize their own flights haha! #dezurnihejter

    3. Nemjee14:31

      Last Anon, how about you stop insulting people?


      Q1+Q2 2018: 13.247
      Q1+Q2 2019: 12.692

      Q2 saw a slight increase but Q1 saw a considerable drop from 5.398 to 4.659

    4. Anonymous14:57

      @"expert": Q1 saw -1 weekly

    5. Nemjee15:00

      I do not care about that, I am merely posting their results. Then again fi there was enough demand there would be no need to cut that one weekly flight.

    6. Anonymous15:35

      If they are not doing well in SKP why not add tag to LJU? They did the same with almost all other ex yu cities

    7. Anonymous16:01

      they are doing great in summer season (peaking at 88% in August) but they could need some support in feb

    8. Anonymous16:02

      Racist Comments aren't Allowed, Also it would be excellent to have Flights from PRN to DOH. Qatar like UAE has Tourists.

  2. Anonymous14:59

    this is like Ljubljana trying the same


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