Adria Airways brand name to be put on sale


The Kranj District Court has decided to put the Adria Airways brand name on sale at a starting price of 100.000 euros. Interested parties will be invited to submit non-binding bids for the brand name. Adria Airways’ former owner, 4K Invest, sold the Adria brand name to an affiliated company from Malta in 2016 for eight million euros in an attempt to present a profit in the airline’s financial books. Adria later acquired back its brand name after it absorbed the Maltese company in early 2019 in another example of accounting trickery.


  1. Anonymous15:07

    Complete Adria Airways assets were sold for 45k but brand name will be sold for 100k?

  2. Anonymous16:09


  3. Anonymous21:15

    Televisa presenta

  4. Anonymous21:57

    Možda ih kupi neki klub mazohista

  5. Anonymous13:49

    Perhaps the brand could be saved from demise. It did represent a decent airline for most of its time and it is not nationally focused.

    Rgds, Eight

  6. TheBosnian00:32

    Great asset. Good for the company that buys it. Croatia, Air Serbia but also others should look into this.


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