Banja Luka Airport maintains growth


Banja Luka Airport started the year off with growth of 30.5% by handling 11.538 passengers. This year, Banja Luka Airport is targeting a 35% increase in figures and anticipates welcoming over 200.000 travellers. Earlier this month, Ryanair launched a new service from Hahn, which will be followed by Bergamo in late October, while its subsidiary Lauda will introduce flights from Vienna in April.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Браво! I'm curious to see how Vienna flights perform.

  2. Anonymous15:17

    That is not so good result. In January Ryanair had 17.010 seats to and from Banja Luka. Air Serbia had 1.782 seats. That is 18.792 seats in January and just 11.538 passengers, what is load factor of just 61,3%. That is not near to good even for Air Serbia, and for Ryanair that is catastrophic result.

    1. Anonymous18:08

      Despite your doom & gloom "analysis" they are going ahead by launching Hahn, Bergamo and Vienna. Those that matter have far more confidence in Banja Luka market potential.

    2. Anonymous18:10

      Your analysis is not correct because of bad weather, Ryanair did not operate all its flights to Banja Luka in January. Neither did Air Serbia.

    3. Anonymous20:00

      LOL, goes to show what kind of "expert" are we dealing with here.

    4. Anonymous20:13

      Some people still can't get over the fact FR flies to BNX. Time to move on.

    5. @Ano 18:10 Please could you provide us with correct analysis?

    6. Anonymous08:32

      What analysis, go and look at the weather forecast for BNX in January.

    7. Anonymous08:36

      Would you please explain to us how you came to these figures?
      no way I can get to those numbers.
      LF of Ryanair is over 90%

      there were some cancellations due to the fog, but not even close to this numbers

    8. @Ano 08:32 I live near by BNX , I know what was the whether look like in January... I thought you have some numbers, some information...

  3. Anonymous18:06

    Bravo BNX!

  4. Anonymous22:43

    It would be good for some duty haters to book a flight from BNX and fly and to se in person LF. I have flown many times. LF is more than 90%. I have flown a few times but I bought a ticket and checked in. So, a few empty seats probably belong to persons that simply didn't appear. I am looking forward to reconstruction of a new terminal and runway.

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