Skopje Airport starts year with growth


Skopje Airport registered its busiest start to the year by handling 164.091 passengers in January. The figure represents an increase of 7.7%. The number of aircraft movements stood at 1.364, up 5.2%. So far this year, SunExpress has announced it will launch a new service from Izmir to the Macedonian capital this summer, while Israir Airlines will introduce flights from Tel Aviv to Skopje.


  1. Anonymous11:52

    Good result

  2. Ok, but already a significant gap with PRN which had 181.130 passengers this January!

    1. Anonymous19:17

      PRN has always significantly more passengers during the holiday months (January, the time around Easter, July, August and December) because of the strong diaspora demand. The numbers are more evenly spread at SKP because of the more diverse passenger structure.
      I am not implying that SKP has no or little diaspora traffic, but it has more inbound and outbound tourist demand, KS being still an unexplored country and KS citizens needing visas to travel to the EU.

    2. Anonymous19:30

      it is the same gap as last year so nothing new here or even "significant"

    3. Thanks for the insight :)

      Its nice to see "off the beaten path" destinations such as Tel Aviv from Skopje.


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