Montenegro Airlines suspends operations


Montenegro Airlines has announced it is suspending all flights until April 1 inclusive due to the  coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. The suspension came into effect yesterday afternoon. The airline has already cancelled a number of flights past April 1, despite plans to resume operations.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    Hopefully JU manages to maintain at least one daily to TGD on the ATR when they ground the rest of their flights.

    1. Anonymous09:37

      JU has suspended all flights to Montenegro.

    2. No flights l at all.

    3. Anonymous09:57

      Interesting that JU is only flying to Athens today at noon, all other flights have been cancelled. I know MNE has refused to test people but I think they are going to have a massive outbreak soon.

    4. Anonymous10:00

      JU is not flying just to ATH. They are also flying to Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Moscow and Vienna.

    5. Nemjee10:26

      I think what he referred to was that they are flying only to Athens during the regional wave which leaves at noon.

      I hope commercial flights are not completely cut. All medical cases that are a bit more serious are sent from Podgorica to the Clinical Center of Serbia. There should be flights in order to make sure this can keep on happening. I suppose if there is need to send someone they can charter a helicopter or a small, private plane.

      That said, all hospitals in Montenegro that have sent their doctors for specialization to Serbia have returned home after an order was released. I suppose they need all the manpower they can get.


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