Croatia Airlines to resume domestic flights


Croatia Airlines will resume domestic operations on May 11, Croatia’s Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, has announced. The exact schedule and number of flights is yet to be determined and will depend on measures which will be implemented by the country in order to contain the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. However, the general Manager of Brač Airport, Tonči Peović, said speaking at a webinar on the impact of the pandemic on Croatian aviation, that flights from Zagreb to Split and Dubrovnik would be resumed first, and other domestic destinations later on. Croatia Airlines discontinued domestic services in mid-March. Almost all of Croatia’s airports are still open, however, only Zagreb boasts commercial flights, with Croatia Airlines maintaining a daily service to Frankfurt. Dubrovnik Airport is the only to have been closed after several staff members tested positive for the virus. It recently outlined plans to reopen on May 2.


  1. Anonymous15:07

    Good idea. Perhaps 2 daily flights each, once in morning and evening so that it will also suit business pax.

  2. Anonymous15:45

    What about PSO and OSI flights???


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