Air Serbia shelves Kraljevo - Thessaloniki service


Air Serbia has cancelled the launch of its new Kraljevo - Thessaloniki service. Although operations were initially planned to commence in late March, they were delayed on several occasions due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Services were then rescheduled to launch on August 1, however, flights have now been removed, with an ongoing entry ban for most Serbian nationals into Greece still in force. At this point, no flights between Kraljevo and Thessaloniki have been scheduled for a later date. The service, which is to be subsidised by the Serbian government, was to run twice per week on a seasonal summer basis with the ATR72 aircraft. Air Serbia will resume its Kraljevo - Vienna operations tomorrow. The Serbian carrier continues to maintain services to both Athens and Thessaloniki from its base in Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous10:46

    Not surprised two factors played a role:

    1. JU has one less ATR in the fleet.
    2. Greeks can't decide if they want their borders open or shut.

    1. Anonymous11:10

      The Greeks have decided to close their borders to countries with high number of Covid infections.
      As things stand I am very curious what are the load factors on JU flights to ATH and SKG.

    2. Anonymous11:11

      It's full of transfer passengers.

    3. Anonymous11:14

      Good to know, thanks for the info Anon 11:11

    4. Anonymous11:25

      lol 11:11 surely knows it

    5. Anonymous11:26

      I do actually. The only reason these two routes are still operating are because of transfers. On top of very competitive prices from a few European markets where the transfers are coming from.

    6. Anonymous11:57


  2. I wonder are they getting those subsidies anyways?

  3. Anonymous11:34

    Of course, so much full of transfer passengers that ATH / SKG fly ATR, not A319.

    1. Anonymous11:40

      I didn't mean full as in packed I meant they make up the passengers on this route. Calm down.

    2. Anonymous13:26

      ATH is on the ATR only on some days. Tonight it's the A319 for example

  4. Full of transfer passengers from where? EU countries are flying to Greece.

  5. Anonymous16:24

    JU should be more flexible and fly KVO-IST instead

    1. Anonymous18:49

      Thats it !
      JU lacks flexibility .
      Istanbul would make sense anyway because of the big muslim commmunity in Novi Pazar and around .
      Or charters to Antalya.

      As far as i know they mostly use Pristina airport because of lack of alternatives .

    2. Anonymous18:53

      It has nothing to do with flexibility. Serbia-Turkey bilateral is very limited in what it allows. You can't just launch flights at your free will.

  6. Anonymous19:05

    Why are they shelving it when they are getting PSO for this? If these routes are under PSO they are made to be profitabile than so I really do not understand why are they shelving it?

    1. Anonymous19:09

      Because no one from Serbia can use it.

    2. Anonymous01:47

      They will get the money anyways. You know how and why these tenders were made.

    3. Anonymous01:49

      Interesting no one is concerned if Wizz Air is getting money for their subsisized Budapest-Balkan routes which have all been suspended

    4. Anonymous08:10

      Anon 01:47 Getting subsided doesn't mean they can run empty planes and break even. And transfers at KVO don't exist.

    5. Anonymous11:29

      Anon 01:49
      Can you explain please?

  7. Razumevajuci okolnosti otkazivanja pocetka letova na liniji
    Kraljevo - Solun - Kraljevo, ipak zalim zbog toga.
    Zelja mi je bila da sada u avgustu, po sletanju iz Sidneja
    Produzim za Kraljevo. I Morava da mi bude 177 aerodrom sa koga sam poleteo, sleteo. I prvi let za Solun. Za Bec sam leteo vise puta iz Beograda. Kao i za Atinu. Nadam se da cu doziveti i let sa Morave. Kada bude vise na vise destinacija letova, tada cu nadam se imati sanse. Jedno je sigurno.
    Korona ce nestati. Tada i moja nada da poletim sa Morave.
    Vera i strpljenje su osnov za letenje.
    Rodney Marinkovic and Aviation Enthusiast Associate Group. ✈♥️🛫


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