Brussels Airlines, Israir delay Ljubljana flights


Brussels Airlines has delayed the resumption of its service to Ljubljana, while Israir has pushed back the launch of its new route from Tel Aviv to the Slovenian capital. The Belgian national carrier, which initially planned to restore operations from Brussels to Ljubljana over the coming weekend, has delayed its resumption by a month, until September 4. Flights are planned to operate four times per week, each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On the other hand, Israel’s Israir, which was to commence services to the Slovenian capital back in May, but then rescheduled operations for August 1, has now moved the flights until September 1. Last week, Ukraine's Windrose Airlines also delayed the launch of its new service from Kiev to Ljubljana


  1. Anonymous10:43

    oh well, I guess the market is working

    1. Anonymous11:48

      It's working exactly as it should. No demand = no flights.

  2. Anonymous10:49

    That's unfortunate. Israir is the only Israli airline flying internationally at the moment and carrying Israeli tourists to holiday destinations.

    1. Anonymous11:31

      Israeli citizens must be in 14-day quarantine. Given the situation in Israel, this will not change in August. This is a list of countries for which quarantine is not required in Slovenia (plus Schengen/EU countries on the so-called yellow list): I doubt it that Israir will fly to Ljubljana this year.

  3. Anonymous12:30

    Let's ask Skobir how much should we (Slovenian tax payers) pay them.

    I still can't fathom how people were convinced everything would work out great without Adria. Just goes to show how stupid an average person actually is.

    1. Anonymous13:06

      Yes, tax payers should be paying for empty planes to fly to every small town in EU. Stupid average tax payers!

    2. Anonymous14:13

      @ anon 12:30
      Given the current situation 10€ won't nearly be enough, more like 100€ and even then foreign carriers won't fly at LJU close as often as they have planned for this summer season - let alone as frequently as people were smartassing when Adria went bust.

    3. Anonymous14:45

      If there was no corona, who knows how will current situation look...

    4. Anonymous15:41

      we saw from Oct till Jan how it looked like when there was not any Covid19 situation. While others had 15-20% increase, LJU had 40% drop.

  4. Anonymous14:16

    Can LJU stand afloat with 5 flights per day ?

    1. Anonymous14:27

      5? Don't they have two on Friday?

    2. Anonymous14:33

      LJU had zero debt before the crisis, which is in stark contrast to some surrounding airports like ZAG. Even the new terminal is financed entirely through accumulated capital. So they can stay afloat for many months with just a few liquidity loans until the traffic goes back to normal.

    3. Anonymous14:58

      @ anon 14:25
      - 6 flights (FRA, BEG, PVKEFL, CDG, FRA, RHOAOK)
      - a month ago there were 12 flights planned (without charters)
      - in march there were 23 flights (charters not included) planned on this day
      - 7 flights (AMS, KGSSMI, CDG, FRA, SXF, TGD, BEG); 18 flights (without charters) planned a month ago; 25 scheduled (withoud C)
      - 6 flights (IST, AOKRHO, CFUPVK, FRA, CDG, CRL); 10 flights (without c) planned a month ago; 21 flights scheduled (without c)
      - 5 flights (FRA, CDG, JTRHER, FRA, BEG); 13 flights (without c) planned a month ago; 24 flights scheduled (without c)

  5. Anonymous17:34

    That is true for now.

    But if we compare LJU with ZAG
    LJU – currently 6 flights per day
    ZAG – currently 23 flights per day

    You are right LJU on surface had better financial discipline compared to ZAG.
    If you go a bit deeper this is not the case.

    ZAG has invested in his airport in a period when traffic was growing, while LJU had the same building from 1960 and has invested on the top of the cycle (worst possible time) into a new terminal.

    While LJU had informed us about the cost of construction it had not indicated the total cost of the project (cost of equipment, interior setup,…). ZAG new terminal was between 280-300mil EUR.

    LJU ‘advantage’ if we can call it advantage will be lost in few months.

    LJU is a long way from having new operational terminal.

    1. Anonymous18:42

      LJU don't need a new terminal: not now and not in the nearby future (at least for 5-6 years).

    2. Anonymous19:09

      Can you explain?


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