Air Serbia resumes Brussels service


Air Serbia restored operations between Belgrade and Brussels following a month-long hiatus caused by low demand and entry restrictions. In the coming weeks, the carrier will maintain the service twice per week, increasing to three weekly from September 22. Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said, “I am glad that we have recommenced our Brussels flights. The Belgian capital is a very important destination for Air Serbia. In combination with our regional network, Brussels has become accessible once again”.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Don't understand this, does it mean there is more demand? Isn't Brussels a major COVID den? I think even Germany discourages people from going there.

    Hpefully JU does well now in Brussels especially with transfer passengers.

  2. Anonymous12:51

    Love it!

  3. Anonymous16:30

    Well done Air Serbia!

  4. Anonymous18:38

    Brussels remains s weak destination on Belgrat compared to Zurich or Podgorica.


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