Ryanair suspends all Serbia, Bosnia flights until winter


Low cost carrier Ryanair is suspending all of its operations to Niš and Banja Luka from September until the start of the 2020/2021 winter season on October 25. Ryanair has said it is cutting flight capacity across its network by a fifth in September and October as travel restrictions to some European countries tighten. The airline noted its decision came after forward bookings "notably weakened over the last ten days" amid continued uncertainty over coronavirus case rates. The airline had so far only restored operations from Berlin to Niš, as well as from Charleroi and Memmingen to Banja Luka. The budget carrier still plans to introduce three new routes to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city from October 25.


  1. Anonymous12:29

    Good thing there is Wizz from Nis.

  2. Anonymous16:28

    At the same time so many flights from Britain to the Dalmatian coast despite quarantine rules .
    That can only mean that people when coming back deliberately ignore quarantine and go back working .
    Their employers are probably complicit in all this .

    1. Anonymous21:52

      but with 50-60 pax. on board only . check that interview with the DBV guy

  3. The chances that the situation at the start of the winter season will be better and FR will restart those flights are ZERO!
    At best we can cope that they will restart them in March when hopefully vaccines are successful and the pandemic is under control.


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