Air Serbia expands cooperation with Aeroflot


Air Serbia and Aeroflot have reached an agreement on expanding their existing codeshare cooperation, which will result in the Russian flag carrier placing its designator code and flight number onto Air Serbia’s service between Belgrade and Istanbul, while the Serbian national airline will have its own marketing code on Aeroflot’s Istanbul -Moscow flights. “The upgraded partnership will allow Air Serbia to offer its passengers a daily link to Moscow, combining nonstop flights and flights via Istanbul, starting November 23”, the company said. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of nonstop flights between Serbia and Russia is currently limited by the Russian government. Air Serbia’s General Manager for Communal and Strategy, Jiri Marek, said, “A good partnership strategy is particularly important in the current circumstances, when our network is limited as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to provide our passengers with as many options and as much flexibility as possible when planning trips, we are constantly working on improving our services and enhancing our cooperation with our partners”. 

During the past few months, Air Serbia has established and strengthened its inter-company partnerships by concluding codeshare agreements with Turkish Airlines in August and a Special Prorate Agreement (SPA) with Belavia in October. This month, the Serbian carrier initiated cooperation with Air Canada through its loyalty program.


  1. Anonymous11:31

    Keep it up! :)

  2. Anonymous12:32

    How are the times?

  3. Anonymous12:53

    What´s all the hype between Belgrade, Istanbul and Moscow?

    1. Anonymous15:31

      They're all large capital cities with an airline hub model.

    2. Anonymous16:19

      No entry requirements between Serbia & Turkey and no entry requirements beside PCR between Russia & Serbia, previously ONLY if you fly JU or SU direct BEG&SVO. Now you can fly via Istanbul and it's still YU or SU flight, because they code share. Comprende?

  4. Anonymous13:34

    Is ASL's manager Czech?


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