Macedonia suspends UK flights


Macedonia has temporarily suspended all flights to and from the United Kingdom as of today until December 31. All passengers arriving to Macedonia from the UK, whether by air or land, are subject to a two-week isolation period. It comes following concerns over a new variant of Covid-19 detected in the UK. The suspension will affect Wizz Air’s operations from London Luton to Skopje. Meanwhile, Croatia has extended its initial two-day ban on flights from the UK until December 31.


  1. Anonymous13:27

    Countries keep on self-destructing. Delicious

    1. Anonymous14:31

      you mean protecting themselves

    2. Anonymous14:32

      Strain has been present in the UK since September. You don't think it's all around the world by now?

    3. Anonymous18:42

      Most EU countries are now announcing resumption of UK flights. How pointless was all that?

  2. Anonymous09:53

    Brexit arm twisting from mother


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