Air Serbia to launch Geneva service


Air Serbia will launch two weekly flights between Belgrade and Geneva on March 1, making it its second destination in Switzerland after Zurich. Flights will operate twice per week, each Monday and Friday. It comes after easyJet temporarily suspended the route until March 5. The Monday flights will provide good connectivity from Geneva to other destinations in the Serbian airline’s network scheduled in the afternoon period, such as Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca, Moscow, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Tirana and Tivat. Further flight details for the new service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous16:02

    Interesting choice during these Covid times.

    1. Anonymous16:12

      Serbia is coming out of the pandemic.

    2. Anonymous16:21

      It seems like AS is being proactive with new routes, and the preparation of others so that when the pandemic eases they will quickly relaunch old routes, and maybe some more new ones.

    3. Anonymous23:49

      It seems they are.

  2. Anonymous16:10

    Well done Air Serbia.

  3. Anonymous16:54


  4. Anonymous18:19

    Wizz suspending LYS certainly helped.

  5. Anonymous18:21

    Both airlines will operate flights on Friday.

  6. Anonymous18:39

    I'm assuming that it will be a early morning slot based on the news flash

    1. Anonymous18:42

      You have the schedule here

    2. Anonymous21:21

      Awesome thank you!
      I missed the tiny link at the end of the article.

    3. Anonymous12:02

      The times are awesome.

  7. Anonymous18:42

    Excellent news however I hope that the plane will be recent and in good condition as the fleet is quite disatrous particularly to Montenegro

    1. Anonymous18:51

      What are you going on about? A319 is mostly flying to MNE especially to TGD.

    2. Anonymous20:29

      U poslednjih par dana salju YU-APL i YU-APM za TGD. Za neupucene, to su dva najnovija aviona u JU floti.
      Ostalim danima uglavnom lete A319/320.
      Sutra tri leta za TGD:
      06:50 A319 83/107
      13:40 A319 97/120
      17:05 ATR 63/54

  8. Anonymous22:00

    Ovako zasada izgleda red letenja za JU,nije loše mada mislim da će do leta biti još povećanja.

    Mart Jul
    Amsterdam (AMS) 6 6
    Atina (ATH) 5 8
    Banja Luka (BNX) 3 3
    Barselona (BCN) 2 2
    Beč (VIE) 10 10
    Berlin (BER) 4 4
    Brisel (BRU) 2 2
    Bukurešt (OTP) 7 7
    Cirih (ZRH) 10 11
    Diseldorf (DUS) 4 4
    Dubrovnik (DBV) 4
    Frankfurt (FRA) 5 5
    Istanbul (IST) 5 7
    Kairo (CAI) 2
    Kijev (KBP) 2
    Kopenhagen (CPH) 4 4
    Krasnodar (KRR) 2 3
    Larnaka (LCA) 2 4
    Ljubljana (LJU) 7 7
    London (LHR) 5 5
    Madrid (MAD) 2
    Malta (MLA) 2
    Milano (MXP) 4 4
    Moskva (SVO) 6 6
    Nica (NCE) 2
    Njujork (JFK) 3 5
    Oslo (OSL) 2 2
    Pariz (CDG) 9 9
    Podgorica (TGD) 17 21
    Prag (PRG) 4 4
    Pula (PUY) 2
    Rim (FCO) 4 4
    Sankt Peterburg (LED) 2 2
    Sarajevo (SJJ) 7 7
    Skoplje (SKP) 7 7
    Sofija (SOF) 4 4
    Solun (SKG) 4 8
    Split (SPU) 4
    Stokholm (ARN) 4 4
    Štutgart (STR) 3 3
    Tel Aviv (TLV) 2 2
    Tirana (TIA) 8 9
    Tivat (TIV) 9 15
    Venecija (VCE) 2 2
    Zadar (ZAD) 2
    Zagreb (ZAG) 7 7
    Ženeva 2 2

    1. Anonymous22:29

      Zar Air Serbia nije izbacila CAI iz reda letenja?

    2. Anonymous22:40

      U rezervacionom sistemu na sajtu JU mogu se rezervisati karte za direktne letove.

    3. Anonymous00:14

      Jesu ali su danas vratili u prodaju posle vise meseci.


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