Ljubljana Airport launches rapid coronavirus testing


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is now offering antigen rapid tests for detecting the coronavirus at its premises. It follows the opening of a PCR testing site at the airport late last month. As of January 9, passengers can undertake the rapid tests, with results delivered within thirty to sixty minutes. The price of the test is thirty euros. If the result is positive, the National Institute of Public Health is notified. All results are bilingual, in English and Slovenian. Passengers on arrival in Ljubljana on scheduled flights do not need to make an appointment to take the test, while departing travellers, arriving passengers on charter flights, general aviation passengers in arrivals and aircraft crew must make an appointment beforehand. The email and telephone numbers for bookings are listed on the Ljubljana Airport website. Those getting tested must show proof of payment, which is made at the information desk in the terminal building. Currently, only payment via cards are accepted.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    Nice. This is useful, especially for incoming passengers.

  2. Anonymous12:13

    That's can definitely be an exit strategy for Fraport, start medical business at LJU instead of aviation by converting the facilities for testing purposes. There are almost no flights anyway, so they can save from operational costs of running an airport and enjoy the trending medical business!

  3. Anonymous15:11

    Why Belgrade doesn't do that?

    1. Anonymous20:37

      What's the point? Serbian citizens are banned from most EU countries with our without PCR/antigen tests. #xenophobia

  4. Anonymous15:32

    This is a really smart move, until more accurate PCR tests yield quicker results, the only way to combat the virus spread is to use these sort of tests. LJU should really promote this service.

  5. Anonymous18:03

    That is good, but who needs this? Most of the countries and airline companies want PCR-Test, they don't accept rapid.


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