Wizz Air adds two new Split routes


Wizz Air is continuing to expand its seasonal summer offering from Poland to Split with the addition of another two routes following Krakow, Gdansk and Wroclaw, which will all be introduced over the coming months. The airline has now announced the launch of new services from Poznan and Lublin. Flights will commence on June 11 and June 13 respectively, running until late September. Both destinations will be maintained twice per week. In total, Wizz Air is adding six new routes to Croatia’s second largest city this summer. In addition to the abovementioned Polish cities, it will also inaugurate flights to Oslo, complementing existing summer services from Dortmund, Katowice, London Luton and Warsaw.

Destination Launch date
Oslo 06.06.2021
Poznan 11.06.2021
Krakow 11.06.2021
Lublin 13.06.2021
Gdansk 17.06.2021
Wroclaw 19.06.2021
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  1. Anonymous10:46

    Split is going to be full with Polish tourists :D

    1. Anonymous11:51

      Considering the number of flights from the UK, Polish tourists will still be a minority- but maybe one day we see LOT daily in SPU. :)

  2. Anonymous10:55

    Hopefully Wizz Air launches BEG-SPU/ZAD especially since HR recognized Russian and Chinese vaccines and opened its doors for Serbian citizens from today.

    1. Anonymous11:50

      Would most people not simply go by car?

    2. Anonymous12:24

      ZAD on JU was 100% O&D.

  3. Anonymous13:01

    Whats up suddenly with all the Polish secondary cities? Why not e.g. German secondary cities, purchasing power there should be a lot higher. I just dont get it.

    1. Anonymous00:51

      Poles love Croatian coast. In addition, Poles have a friendly ties with Croatia. Last year I met few Poles in Trogir and Split. I guess that's why they introducing this cities.

  4. Anonymous16:11

    Oslo? I thought I read somewhere that Norwegians wouldn't travel abroad this year either. They have very tight travel restrictions there.


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