AnadoluJet schedules Belgrade launch


Turkish Airlines’ regional brand AnadoluJet has scheduled flights between Ankara and Belgrade, which are set to launch on December 23. As previously reported, the service will run twice per week, each Thursday and Sunday, with the 180-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It will mark the first time the two capital cities have been linked with a scheduled air service. Tickets are now on sale through the airline’s website. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    Great schedule, but I have tried few dates and I couldn't find price below 200 euros. A little bit expensive

    1. Hajde…. Autobus za Minhen iz Nisa je 100€.

      Ljudi ne moze se letjeti za 9€ Non stop!

    2. Lol, they can put prices they want because there is no competition. But lot of guys are happy when competition is blocked

    3. Avionlet12:49

      @Anonymous 10:47
      There are some flights in January for 90 euros, but most are over 200 euros. It ends up being 2 times cheaper to fly via Istanbul.

      I don't know are you aware that there are low cost carriers which charge as low as 5 euros for a flight and that Anadolujet is a low cost. You really can not defend a 200 euro price for a 2 hour flight.

    4. Anonymous14:24

      Anadolujet is not a low cost airline like Ryanair, Wizz, Easyjet and Pegasus. They don't charge for food on board for example. But they charge for seat selection etc. It's just a sub brand of Turkish Airlines.

    5. Anonymous15:07

      Even regular Turkish Airlines charges for seat selection. It's only the free meal and maybe slightly more comfort you get. Plus you can get all that for under 200 with a short stopover in IST

    6. Avionlet15:24

      Yes I know, but does that food cost 190 euros? Why do they brand themselves as a low cost airline if they are charging 200 euros for a flight 8 months in advance?
      I am not saying they should go and sell these flights for 5 euros, but for a such flight 60-80 euros would be normal not 200 euros!
      I can not see anyone using this flight when you can fly via Istanbul for 70-90 euros with Turkish airlines.

    7. Anonymous15:56

      Nothing says these fares will be permanent.

      Also they're counting mostly on the diplomatic staff who don't pay out of their own pocket.

    8. Nemjee20:33

      Some on here are confusing low-cost with low-fare. Anadoloujet might be officially a low-cost carrier which doesn't mean they have to be cheap. Why should they? What are your options? Transferring at the massive IST where you need at least 3 hours between two flights? That's about it. People will pay €200 just to avoid it.

      Also, don't forget that Ankara is a relative wealthy city and for many of its residents €200 is actually not a lot of money. Furthermore, maybe Anadolou has a deal with tour operators who will fill most of their seats so there is less pressure on them to bother with sales themselves?

      This is going to be a 2 hour flight. I don't see why many are surprised by their fares. From personal experience, unless you book months in advance, flying around Europe will cost you that much ... unless you are flying on FR.

  2. Anonymous11:53

    Relatively good schedule indeed.

  3. Anonymous12:57

    This makes sense

  4. Anonymous14:28

    Great schedule for Turkish tourist to would like to spend a whole weekend (Thursday + Friday) in Belgrade.

    I think that's a great accomplistment for Belgrade.


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