TRIP REPORT: Aegean Airlines, Athens - Belgrade


I recently flew from Athens to Belgrade on Aegean Airlines. It was my first time on Aegean. I flew to Athens with Air Serbia and since I wasn’t sure how long I would be staying I booked only a one-way ticket. For the return I chose Aegean as it suited me better. The flight was being operated by the A320.

Athens Airport is busy again and all shops have reopened. I used the Aegean lounge, which is shared by other Star Alliance members. The lounge had an airy feeling and a nice selection of food and drinks.

Soon after it was time for boarding. Boarding for business class guests was last due to Covid protocols. A friendly flight attendant handed out disinfection towels at the entrance and I took my window seat. There were three rows dedicated to business class although there were just three passengers in total. The seats looked rather worn out and are in the usual eurobusiness setup with the blocked middle seat. The seat pockets featured the safety card and a quality inflight magazine, which had articles mostly promoting Greece.

Once boarding was completed another flight attendant handed out a nice menu card including the beverages list. Considering this is just an hour and a half flight, the food and beverage offer is extensive. A nice and funny Greek inspired safety video was played on the overhead screens, and we were on our way.

Following departure, the flight attendant handed out small table clothes and asked for our first drink choices followed by the main dish order. I had some water and white wine and afterwards the meals were served. Some warm bread selection wrapped in plastic was offered from a basket afterwards. All in all, the meal tasted very nice. Drink refills were frequently offered. After I completed the meal, chocolates, tea and coffee were offered.

The remainder of the flight, the short amount left of it, was uneventful and I spent browsing the inflight magazine.

We landed in Belgrade on time. I was really impressed by Aegean Airlines and the service they offered for such a short flight. Although Air Serbia also offers a selection of meals, I think the service on Aegean was much more proactive and meals more nicely presented. Overall, it was a great flight.

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  1. Anonymous09:34

    3 in business is good. Do you know how the load was in the back?

  2. Anonymous11:15

    Catering looks great for such a short flight

  3. Anonymous14:55

    That is an A320ceo. They are being replaced by NEOs which also have high speed inflight internet service.

  4. Anonymous15:46

    Top airline , hope they return to SJJ. Does Aegean serve hot meals in economy too as covid measures relaxing?

    1. Anonymous15:57

      They serve a sandwich in economy usually on short fights, plus drinks.

  5. Anonymous12:11

    Aegean is overpriced from Belgrade. To expencive flights without any reason

  6. Anonymous16:40

    My baggage was lost on Aegean flight 3 days ago, so there's that..

  7. Anonymous21:50

    I would be much more impressed with Aegean if they actually contacted passengers whose luggage they have lost rather than ignoring all emails sent to them


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