Former Jat Airways CEO in running for Montenegro top job


The public call issued for the selection of Air Montenegro’s new CEO concluded this week with the names of the applicants now made public. In addition to the previously reported former CEO of Croatia Airlines and Gulf Air, Krešimir Kučko, another former executive officer to put his hand up in the race is Nebojša Starčević, who led Jat Airways from 2005 until 2007 after being appointed to the post by his political party at the time, despite no prior experience in the aviation industry. During his tenure, more than half of the airline’s fleet was grounded. Following his stint as CEO, Mr Starčević became the head of the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia, and later the advisor to the General Manager of the Directorate.

Apart from Mr Starčević and Mr Kučko, the remaining applicants are Igor Pavićević and Andjela Čelebić from Montenegro, James Uljarević from Australia, Irfan Demirović from Serbia and Tomas Cano Pascual from Spain.


  1. Vlad10:47

    The cream of the crop of Balkan aviation, keep those applications flowing in!

    1. Prepelica11:03

      Good one, you made me smile :)

  2. Anonymous11:33


  3. Ako Vas niko do sada nije ugasio, ovi sigurno hoce

  4. Anonymous13:49

    Sve bolje od boljeg

  5. Anonymous17:56

    Одабраном друштву фали само Господин Кемтрејлс.

  6. Чекај, а Хоган, а Дане?

  7. Anonymous09:08

    Samo još Vlaisavljević i Ognjanović i to je to. Uspeh zagarantovan


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