Air Serbia deploys A330 on European routes


Air Serbia will be utilising its wide-body Airbus A330-200 aircraft on several European routes over the coming weeks prior to increasing its New York service to six weekly from mid-June. The carrier deployed the 257-seat aircraft between Belgrade and Paris yesterday and will do so again on its evening service between the two capitals on May 29. Furthermore, Air Serbia will use the aircraft on its Belgrade - Istanbul service this Wednesday, May 18, with just a few seats left available in business class on the return flight with all economy fares sold out. Zurich will also see the A330 on May 18 and May 19. The carrier will deploy the twin-aisle aircraft between Belgrade and Barcelona this Thursday, May 19, as well as on Sunday, May 22, June 5 and June 12.

Air Serbia A330 business class cabin

Air Serbia A330 economy class cabin


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Paris is because of A319 shortage

  2. Anonymous11:45


  3. Anonymous11:57

    Nobody can plan increase of traffic in this volatile time. Btw, when mentioning business class, Air Serbia is not providing anymore any business class/Etihad guest gold/platinum lounges in any place, other than Belgrade. They are actually hiding this information and have a misleading info on their lounges pages. Very nice ground for lawsuits against them, imho.

    1. Anonymous13:22

      So Business Class passengers flying to BEG do not get lounge access on foreign airports?
      They just wait at the gate area along with everyone else?

    2. Anonymous13:31

      Exactly. I believe Air Serbia just don’t want to pay for any lounges for their passengers. Having in mind the high level of services at the time when they used most of Etihad’s network lounges, this is really sad.

    3. JATBEGMEL14:56

      It would be interesting to know how much lounge access costs them. Perhaps it's a temporary cost cutting messure which many airlines have done, however those airlines have returned the service in the mean time. It wouldn't be the first time JU cuts a product for cost cutting ie serving business pax cold meals in a cardboard box.

    4. Anonymous15:10

      Honestly, I am not surprised. JU has a disastrous commercial policy. They just launched their app a while go, they have no FF program, no special perks, nothing...

      It's a very bland and basic product that they offer. Unfortunately their pricing doesn't match.

    5. Anonymous15:15

      Air Serbia has an FF program. No need to make things up.

    6. Anonymous15:17

      Yeah and have you seen it? It's useless.

    7. Koristio sam salon po osnovu biznis klase na rimskom i dubrovačkom aerodromu bez problema i to prošle godine dok su još bile restrikcije.

    8. JATBEGMEL16:00

      Personally, I am quite happy with their app. Simple to use, and booking tickets through the app gives you a discount, which is great.

      Their current program is a step up from what it used to be, however I think cutting ties with EY, moving closer towards their SkyTeam partners while taking on their Flying Blue program would be a much better solution. Alot has changed since they introduced the Etihad Guest program, and it is no longer relevant as it once was.

      I am very critical of JU, pricing especially, but lately they have had quite good deals. More can definitely be done, however for a cash strapped airline that has made no profit for decades, I guess the progress they have made has been good so far. I just wished they were alot more consistent.

    9. Anonymous17:51

      Kad god se objavi pozitivna vest o ErSrbiji,pojave se dežurni pljuvali da skrenu temu u negativnom pravcu. Treba ih ignorisati. Biće lepo videti svih 5 ATR-600 u JU floti,u mnogome će uticati na kvalitet regionalnih letova.

  4. Anonymous13:31

    Increasing New York service to six rotations per week with only one metal in fleet?

    1. Anonymous13:32

      Its been like that for years.

    2. Anonymous13:59

      For years? It's been like that for one season just before covid.

    3. Anonymous14:01

      And it worked fine.

  5. JATBEGMEL14:52

    JU increased JFK to 6 pw in 2018, that is 4 years ago. 2020 was the only exception. In 2020, between the JFK rotations, the A330 was also flying out to alot of cities in Asia for cargo ops (PEK, CAN, ICN, PVG, BAH), as well as repatriation flights to the United States (LAX and IAD I believe), humanitarian flights to EVN and FCO as well.

  6. Anonymous20:10

    They desperately need larger aircraft.

  7. Anonymous21:18

    They could use this to attract people willing to take those flights just because of the A330. Quite popular hobby among a lot of trip reporters.


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