Air Cairo to reduce capacity on select EX-YU routes


Air Cairo is set to reduce capacity on its scheduled seasonal summer flights from Hurghada to Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Skopje. According to “Aeroroutes”, these cities will no longer be served by the carrier’s Airbus A320 jet. The Egypt Air subsidiary recently revealed the introduction of the Embraer E190 aircraft into its fleet by advertising job openings for pilots and crew on the type. It is now displaying the change in equipment in the Global Distribution System on various routes for the 2023 summer season. The E190 typically seats 100 passengers, while Air Cairo’s A320 boasts 174 seats. Changes remain possible. Air Cairo is set to restore operation to Banja Luka and Sarajevo on April 27 and 28 respectively, while flights to Skopje will resume on March 28.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    How long are these flights? Would not like to be cramped in an E190 for hours.

  2. Anonymous10:57

    Hope they boost their frequences. Family members flew 2 times this summer from Hurg to Skopje and both times the flights to Skp were overbooked so some had to take the flight to Belgrade to get home.. a total haos but still shows that during summer they have people flying

    1. Anonymous11:05

      That would have been a nightmare. I hope Air Cairo covered the cost of the trip to BEG.

    2. Anonymous17:34

      10:57 In English it's twice and not 2 times. Egypt needs tourists desperately because its reputation has been ruined a lot by a very famous American food travel blogger on YouTube already seen by millions because of its strict and absurd filming policies. They are looking for European souls to save their tourism even with 1 North Macedonian tourist.
      And because it is a cheap and affordable destination, very easy visa etc, it's easy to get there

    3. Anonymous20:40

      @17:34 - Both twice and two times are correct.
      It's reputation, not its.
      ruined greatly, better than a lot (which is used for quantity)
      Usually you should type/write single digit numbers as a word and double-digit or more as numbers.
      Sentence should not begin with "And".

    4. Anonymous22:49

      @17.37 And it's Macedonian not that thing you wrote. The name of the country is North Macedonia :) So before you start acting like a English teacher wash your feet and put some new washed socks on

    5. Anonymous22:49

      @17.34 ;)

    6. Anonymous23:31

      Is Egyptian tourism not damaged because of terrorism attacks instead of youtube video. I rember that Russian plane for example and there were also attacks on resorts.

    7. Anonymous07:48

      22:49 As far as I am aware, the situation has changed in 2019. Just double checked the name on Google Maps and it definitely says North.

    8. Anonymous09:02

      That's what I said, read ny coment again love

  3. Anonymous11:07

    Sarajevo is also from April

  4. Anonymous09:26

    How they reduce aircraft type when Skopje to Hurgada is always over booked during the season ? I really dont understand it , this not make any logical sence ... A320 was great for serving this route even sometimes it was overbooked ,from May to September , then they can reduce to smaller type not in the heat time