Mostar Airport continues to struggle


Mostar Airport handled 711 passengers in October, down 88.7% on the same month during the pre-pandemic 2019. Over the January - October period, the airport welcomed 9.995 travellers, down 68.1% on three years ago. Mostar Airport has struggled to attract customers over the past years and has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Its main source of traffic - European charters serving religious pilgrims - were all but wiped out. In 2020 the airport handled just 1.374 passengers, while in 2021 figures barely improved with a total of 1.942 travellers passing through its doors. Although its performance has slightly improved this year, it is still down on the likes of 2014 when it processed 78.055 passengers. In September, Mostar Airport announced it had signed an agreement with Wizz Air which would see the low cost carrier launch flights to the city in the summer of 2023. However, Wizz Air has not commented on the matter and, so far, has not scheduled any flights to Mostar for next year.


  1. Anonymous10:50

    Doubt there will be any Wizz flights next year.

  2. Their situation will improve once directors stop getting bribed by the Globtour bus company, which transports pilgers from Split and Dubrovnik to Medjugorje

    1. Anonymous15:25

      Globtour is pretty much bankrupt now since entering Flixbus

  3. Anonymous13:17

    I doubt Wizzair will announce any flights for the summer 2023. It’s already December and we haven’t heard anything from them. It’s sad but not surprising since MO has horrible management. I flew with Eurowings once from Stuttgart to Mostar twice and the flight was sold out so I don’t know what the problem was with them.
    Ryanair would be a great way for OMO to recover but I don’t see it happening any time soon.


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