Luxair cancels planned Split service


Luxembourg’s national carrier has cancelled its planned seasonal service between the Grand Duchy and Split. Flights were scheduled to commence on April 30 and run once per week until October 8 with the Dash 8 aircraft. The route was last operated in the summer of 2019. This summer, Luxair will maintain flights to several cities in the former Yugoslavia including Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Podgorica and Tivat.


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  2. Anonymous15:31

    Luxair discontinues a route to Split - no big deal, business as usual.

    Air France discontinues a route to Belgrade - winter is coming, Air Serbia is going bankrupt, Belgrade is an irrelevant market, the yields are mediocre, the doom is near.

    1. Anonymous18:12

      Надам се да је ово сарказам.

  3. Anonymous17:41

    Three out of four destinations are directly connected to VFR pax going to Montenegro. Tivat is limited by space and slot times, there is no possibility of increasing the number of operations/movements, thanks to incompetent management of Airports of Mne.. that's why Dubrovnik, in this case, is a direct support to Tivat.

    1. Anonymous17:59

      Trebinje is needed to support both TIV and DBV.

    2. Anonymous18:47

      The airport in Trebinje will never be a "real" (only in FS2030 version-MODed version) airport, for many reasons. To name some of the reasons: obstacles around the airport, only one usable direction for landing, political obstacles in terms of proximity to the border of two NATO countries (the problem of Russia and the possible use of the airport for "humanitarian" purposes)...etc


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