Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines expand codeshare to Canada


Air Serbia and Turkish Airlines are further expanding their codeshare cooperation and soon plan to add points in Canada to their growing partnership. As previously reported, the Serbian carrier has placed its designator code and flight numbers onto its Turkish counterpart’s service between Istanbul and Sao Paolo. Furthermore, the airline has begun codesharing on services from the Turkish city to Almaty in Kazakhstan, as well as Abu Dhabi. The two airlines have reciprocated codeshares on each other’s newly launched service between Belgrade and Izmir, while Turkish Airlines has placed its codes onto Air Serbia’s new flights between Belgrade and Ankara as well. In addition, Turkish will codeshare on its Serbian counterpart’s operations between Belgrade and Ohrid, launching June 5. Air Serbia’s International Affairs & Alliances Manager, Ivana Miklja Mučalov, said, “Collaboration with Turkish Airlines is very important to us. We strive to constantly explore opportunities to strengthen good relationships and further expand the existing partnership that started three years ago. In this way, we want to contribute to even better connectivity between Serbia and Turkey. We are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Turkish Airlines for further expansion of our codeshare partnership in the near future. This expansion would include Turkish Airlines flights to destinations in Canada, such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, on which Air Serbia would place its code, subject to obtaining all necessary approvals”.

Air Serbia codeshare flights operated by Turkish Airlines

Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Adana, Amman, Antalya, Astana, Bodrum, Dalaman, Gaziantep, Gazipasa, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Montreal*, Sao Paulo, Toronto*, Tel Aviv, Trabzon, Vancouver*.

* subject to government approval

Turkish Airlines codeshare flights operated by Air Serbia

Ankara, Banja Luka, Belgrade, Izmir, Kraljevo, Niš, Ohrid, Tivat.


  1. Anonymous10:37

    Meaning Air Serbia ain't launching Toronto.

    Looking forward to Miami.

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Beggars can’t be choosers - let us have Miami, won’t be a bad deal at all. There’s a solid demand for MIA

    2. Anonymous11:29

      Having a codeshare has very little to do if they will launch some destination or not. Last year they added codeshare on Turkish flights to Tel Aviv and this year they launched Tel Aviv.

    3. Anonymous14:16

      Anonymous10:37 it tells me how much you know about airline industry. Actually means totally oposite, that are looking in partnership as there might not be enough frequency to such a city and incase an irons they need alternative options since the contract between JU and AC is cxld.

  2. Anonymous15:28

    Since Turkish airlines took monopoly of flights Malta - Istanbul airfares have skyrocketed,

    1. Anonymous01:11

      Monopoly? What you mean?

  3. Anonymous21:10

    Either case ; somebody is jealous 🙂


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