Zagreb Airport sees busiest May on record

Zagreb Airport registered its busiest May on record by handing 329.473 passengers, representing an increase of 24.2% on last year and an increase of 5.8% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The figure was achieved despite night-time runway closure at Zagreb Airport, which resulted in the cancellation of over a hundred flights. During the January - May period, Zagreb Airport welcomed 1.346.468 travellers through its doors, up 12.4% on the previous record-breaking 2019.


  1. Anonymous13:44

    Bravo OU & Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous14:02

      Yeah, right. Get yourself together.

    2. Anonymous16:51

      What do you mean? OU is the largest carrier at ZAG and even if you are an extreme Jasmin hater like Pozdrav you must surely give them some credit for this achievement. There is no need for this constant negativity when aviation in Croatia is improving every year, you can't just pretend that OU has nothing to do with that.

    3. Anonymous17:04

      In Zagreb, Croatia Airlines literally has nothing to do with Zagreb Airport's results. Croatia Airlines has less passengers in Zagreb than in 2019 because it cut a huge number of destinations and flights. The reason you are seeing Zagreb grow is because of foreign carriers and first and foremost Ryanair. It is tragic that an airline that never flew a flight out of Zagreb until 2021 has managed to achieve a passenger share of over 30% during the first 4 months of this year. It speaks volumes to how weak Croatia Airlines is in Zagreb. So no, OU has absolutely nothing to do with Zagreb Airport's growth.

    4. Anonymous18:18

      I can't read Pozdrav, cause he is nonsensical and boring, that being said, I have utter contempt for current management of Croatian Airlines and corruption that exist with in the airline. Strategy of buying/leasing A220 is a good one, but problem in Croatia with the state companies is, that management isn’t appointed by qualification buy by second cousin on the uncle’s brother side. I mean how these positions are filled is beyond laughable. There should be an international tender for the position of CEO of Croatian Airlines, Pay: €120 000 + Benefits, 15% Bonus if airline makes profits. If we can’t find CEO for that money internationally, then up the steaks, €150 000… But I think considering how small airline is, and many young talented professional especially in airline sector, there’ll be massive interest. You’d quickly see massive turnaround and profits going up once you don’t have to pay your second sister’s cousin nephew or a long lost relative from Nigeria. Corruption is still a big problem in Croatia, not as big as it was in the 90s, and 10 years ago but still is a major headache.

    5. @18.18
      You missed your logic classes in high school 😃 If you can't read me, how can you tell I am nonsensical and boring? Are you nonsensical and boring as well for proposing the same I have been proposing for years now - professional and capable management in OU and OU free of corruption and nepotism?

    6. @16.51
      I am not hate type at all. I am much more love type. Jasmin, I never met the guy in my life, and I definitely don't hate him. I don't even know if the guy drinks coffee at all. I use him as personification of indolence, incompetence and mindset of Croatia Airlines. I feel sorry for him being aparatchik, puppet, in humiliating position to obey orders given by politicians and other "important" people "close" to them, who are keeping destroying OU.

  2. Anonymous14:39

    ZAG underperformed in May. Only 7k passengers more than in May. Hope for a better June.

    1. Anonymous14:41

      Over a 100 flights were cancelled. Read the article.

    2. Anonymous15:05

      I am not discussing what is the reason for it. With this logic we can question whether the cancellations could have been avoided if the airport handled the situation differently.

    3. Anonymous15:53

      It's above the European average. It's doing just fine.

    4. Anonymous16:26

      Zagreb did ok, around 140 flights were cancelled, that amounts to roughly 12000 pax, had these been included in May figures, 341-342 000. I predicted airport would do between 325-330k, it did so, June will be very good.

      Projections for rest of the year, although this isn't hard to guess considering the trend.
      So far - 1.346 000
      June - 360-370 000
      July - 390-405 000
      August - 410-425 000
      September - 390-400 000
      October - 380-390 000
      November - 310-325 000
      December - 300-310 000
      Total: 3890 000 - 3970 000

      Load factor for May, @Zagreb was around 82 pax, this ideally should be around 95 midterm (2-3 years) and then 110-120 long-term (10-12 years). This year Zagreb I expect will handle around 3.75 to 3.95 million passengers, and around 47000 flights. Very hard to guess how the all of the Croatian airport might do, but between 11.5 and 12 million pax for all Croatian Traffic.

      Airport could hit 4.0 million mark depending if the season is full, one thing I am not sure, if in these figures the airport collects also includes business travellers that use airport's business terminal and corporate jets to fly in. Although these noumbers are small, no more than 10-12 000 pax per year, but is steadily growing sector due to presence of international orgs in Zagreb but also due to EU/NATO membership which helps a lot. Also came across statistic on Airport usage by Slovenian travellers, it seems nearly one fifth of all travellers using the airport in first 5 months of 2023, are Slovenian travellers, this figure can only increase as these figures represent steady growth, once Ljubljana – Zagreb train service becomes operational and Zagreb Airport train line is fully operational, expected around 2028-2030, the noumber of Slovene travellers is bound to increase. Also, not connected to Zagreb airport but crucial for future development of the Airport is planned construction of elevated main central station that will be located next to current main central station, with current station turned in to a public space, museum, gallery or something, with massive shopping centre where current platforms are, 8-10 platforms will be elevated by around 7m and accessing each platform with escalators/stairs and lifts, almost identical to Vienna main station, the concept I mean not the architectural design. However work should start around 2028/30 and be completed by 2040, a train link to airport will also be built by then, well by 2030, and this will enable fast movement of passangers from the main central station to the airport. And to make things even more interesting, Slovenian railways are modernizing train line between Ljubljana and Zagreb, for speeds up to 160kmph (250kmph if ETCS level 2 signalisation installed). Slovenian Railways hope to complete modernization of line Ljubljana – Zidani Most by 2030, and Zidani Most -Dobova by 2040. Croatian Railways is modernizing entire line between Zagreb and Dobova, installing ETCS level 1 for speeds of up to 160kmph, but limiting it these speeds to 140kmph due to suburban nature of entire stretch between Dobova (Slovenia) and Zagreb, this section will be done by 2025. By 2040, it is hopped someone from Ljubljana could take a ride to Zagreb and then Zagreb airport with in 1 hour of sitting on the train in Ljubljana.

      Some great infastrucuture developments there, very excited. As an rail and air enthusiast.

    5. Anonymous18:09

      Here we go again with Great Amateur Prognosticator and his EU/NATO membership as growth drivers. Yet Belgrade airport keeps increasing the gap in annual passengers over ZAG approx ten fold in the past 10-12 years. This year is expected to have double the passengers of ZAG. Let's continue in Jan 2024 when official results are in.

    6. Anonymous18:15

      @Anon 16:26 "Load factor for May, @Zagreb ... ideally should be ...110-120 long-term"

      Wow Load Factor of 110-120!!! People standing in aisles? What a joke!

    7. Anonymous18:22


      Airport load factor,

      This is, Airport total passengers / total operated flights = airport load factor. 125 is the norm for most large airport, 100-110 for mid-sized airports. 70-100 for small or regional airports

    8. Anonymous18:57

      Are you okay? Why don't you provide couple of links to respected sites where "airport load factor" is defined that way?

  3. Anonymous18:37

    What happened with Solun, Sofija, Bratislava? Still no winter flights. Ryanair are sleeping!

  4. Anonymous14:47

    Congratulations Ryanair

  5. Well done given the night time runway closure.

  6. Miroslav NY22:57

    Ryannair needs to fly from many more cities in the former Yugoslavia and Pozdrav needs to be their spokesperson.


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