Ljubljana Airport continues to recover


Ljubljana Airport welcomed 140.455 travellers through its doors in September, representing an increase of 18.2% on last year, and a decrease of 18.5% on the same month during the pre-pandemic 2019. Over the first three quarters, the airport handled 972.439 passengers through its doors, up 29.7% on last year but down 33% on four years ago. Since the start of October, the airport handled its millionth passenger of the year.

Ljubljana’s largest airlines by scheduled seat capacity, September 2023


  1. Anonymous10:47

    Nice to see! Any info on how the LuxAir flights are performing?

    1. Anonymous11:52

      Nice to see? It's 18,5% DOWN compared to the month when ADRIA collapsed in the middle of the month. This is not a good recovery at all.

    2. Anonymous12:10

      If the airport lost national carrier, then numbers itself are not THAT bad. It is a solid recovery compared to 2022. and I think 2023 will in the end be much better than people actually predicted

    3. Anonymous12:43

      @ 11:52

      LJU is recovering well. Considering how very few Slovenes actually travel by air, this result is fantastic.

    4. Anonymous16:20

      LJU has potential like a TIA if Slovenian government decides to nationalize airport, lower to rock bottom airport fees and get ULCC traffic by having sweet sweet routes subsidizes ! Instead of making dead horse national carrier which can not survive in the market today.

    5. Anonymous20:33

      18% decrease is nicer to see than 30 or 40% decrease.

    6. LJU is recovering well. Considering how very few Slovenes actually using LJU to travel by air, this result is fantastic.

    7. Anonymous10:14

      @Anon 16:20

      How much would you be willing to spend for all those proposed (illegal) subsidies? Are they included in the Slovenian state budget? Or is the money maybe spent more effective elsewhere, e.g. in the reconstruction of infrastructure and housing after the flooding?

  2. Anonymous12:02

    Very nice to see JU so high. Hopefully this winter they can have as many seats as Swiss

    1. Anonymous12:06

      Only if they operate 25 times a week.

    2. Anonymous12:10

      I think they should. Also please be mindful of the fact that JU did not only add flights but increased capacity as well to LJU

  3. Anonymous12:44

    So if we add Wizz to Easy and BA, London is easily no. 2, right?

    1. Anonymous13:48

      if not no1

    2. Anonymous16:38

      Turkey 127766 (Istanbul + other airports)
      Germany 108329
      UK 105292 (mostly London)
      France 71059
      Switzerland 59470
      Serbia 54980
      Greece 43320
      Belgium 42689
      Poland 40790
      UAE 38813
      Egipt 28940
      Netherlands 25599
      Israel 17986
      Montenegro 16202
      Finland 14769
      Tunisia 8950
      Kosovo 7609
      Spain 6111
      Malta 3497
      Portugal 1763
      Norway 1705
      Island 1392

    3. Anonymous20:34

      Where to find such data?

    4. Anonymous08:05


  4. Anonymous13:59

    Bravo Fraport!

  5. Anonymous14:51

    Admin do you know how those ATH flights with Aegean performed?

    1. Anonymous16:19

      2023M06 Prihod/odhod letal - SKUPAJ Redni prevoz Grčija 2.144
      2023M07 Prihod/odhod letal - SKUPAJ Redni prevoz Grčija 2.357
      2023M08 Prihod/odhod letal - SKUPAJ Redni prevoz Grčija 2.571

    2. Anonymous16:34

      So apparently 7.072 is that good?

    3. Anonymous16:47

      78,16 % LF

    4. Anonymous16:54

      And why they didn't upgrade LJU to year round?

    5. Anonymous16:55

      The numbers are for all flights to Greece and there are many charters. They are not numbers for Athens route. Do not misinform people.

    6. Anonymous18:30

      It clearly says "redni prevoz" regular flights. So, where is misinformation? Which are regular flights to Greece if note Aegan? And there is also information above about all Greece passengers.

    7. Anonymous19:02

      @ 16:55

      I’m fed up with these extreme accusations. You can always present counter-arguments. There’s no need to accuse people immediately! Accusing someone of “misinformation,” or anything else for that matter, is not something to be thrown around lightly.

    8. Anonymous22:07

      Unfortunately, lots of people doesn’t understand how a proper debate should like, with argument and counter arguments, fact and figures. Just posted their feeling and believes as they are a kind of arguments. In fact, they are making up false allegations without being sorry for that.

    9. Anonymous22:25

      23M06 Prihod/odhod letal - SKUPAJ Redni/posebni prevoz - SKUPAJ Grčija 10.753
      2023M07 Prihod/odhod letal - SKUPAJ Redni/posebni prevoz - SKUPAJ Grčija 17.674
      2023M08 Prihod/odhod letal - SKUPAJ Redni/posebni prevoz - SKUPAJ Grčija 14.656
      This is all passenger from LJU to Greece. Before I published only regular passengers to Ljut to Athens.

  6. Anonymous16:21

    Ok Fraport is doing something. But sorry they are doing all against them slef (i guess Fraport don’t want to have many conection in favor of LH GROUP) slots are terrible compared to Adria if you go to meeting in Brussel you have to book 3day trip with Adria you have done in one day!! I mean retourn trip LJU-FRA for 500eur???? This is almost 7day charter trip on Greek island !!! Adria was never so expensive! All routes are extremely expensive! Same operator in Trieste-FRA by LH price for return trip 250EUR, why?? In Slovenia befor was well known there was agreement between (Petrol (kerosene)-Adia-LJLJ for the prices & taxes) now without Adria is still the same. Extremely expensive! Terrible!!! I don’t wander why are people goung to Zagreb Trieste Venice … well done Fraport!


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