Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ljubljana Airport net profit falls

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has reported a second consecutive year of declining profits. Slovenia's busiest airport recorded a net profit of 3.3 million euros in 2015, which is down from the 3.6 million euros registered in 2014 and 5.2 million in 2013. During last year, the airport's operating income stood at 34.8 million euros, which is up from 32 million in 2014. As previously reported, Jože Pučnik Airport handled 1.4 million passengers during 2015, an improvement of 10% on the year before. Slovenia sold Ljubljana Airport's operator to Germany's Fraport in late 2014.



  1. wow what happened in 2007?

    1. Slovenia joined Schengen and there was a large expansion. as a matter of fact, LJU still didn't reach numbers from 2007 & 2008

  2. that s exaclty why I don't understand that Fraport is not building a new terminal. LJU has almost no retail commerce. But Fraports own problem. no investment, no ROI


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