B&H Airlines privatisation
Turkish Airlines wins bid

The strategic partner for the Bosnian B&H Airlines will most probably be Turkish Airlines. The news will be officially confirmed within the next 10 days. Bosnian media state that the Turkish offer is the most promising with Turkish Airlines prepared to provide B&H with 2 short to medium range aircraft however they are requesting a majority stake in the airline – 51% (compared to the 49% currently offered under the terms of the tender). Turkish has also, as a part of its purchase, promised to provide 2 short to medium haul aircraft, employee training, servicing of aircraft and hiring new employees while all currently working at the airline will keep their jobs.

In 2007 B&H Airlines transported 70.000 passengers and has two ATR72’s operating on 11 destinations. The airline has had financial troubles as it went bankrupt when it operated under the name Air Bosna. The biggest value of B&H is its potential in the local aviation market in which it only has a 14% share. Turkish Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Europe with 106 aircraft, 123 destinations and 12.000 employees. It is a member of Star Alliance.